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Animal wallpaper

Are you thinking of renovating the rooms in your house and bringing a natural climate to them without spending too much in a super quick and easy way? Walls By Me has the solution: animal wallpapers!

These papers are powerful in transforming any decoration, bringing the colorfulness, peace, and well-being of nature into the home.

The best thing is that here you will find a selection with many prints, to choose from according to your style: all this at affordable prices that fit the budget. So take advantage and get to know more about them!

Animal wallpaper for walls that need renovating

When your baby's room needs brightening up or when a dull family space requires something quirky, animal prints are effective. However, there is much more to animal-themed wall treatments. At Walls By Me, for example, you can find removable wallpapers with animal prints for whimsical white-themed environments, classically styled spaces, and, of course, playful nurseries for your child's room.

The good news is that these prints can be used in various of home environments, whether living room, bathroom, kitchen, or office: they offer a fresh coloring, ensuring more beauty and life for these spaces.

Animal wallpaper: many colors and prints to choose!

Our selection includes a huge variety of wallpapers with animal prints. Here you can find patterns with engraved birds, prints with puppies, nautical, floral models in vibrant shades, fish, geometric animals, and many others: take the opportunity to choose yours now!

How to choose animal wallpaper for your walls?

Can an animal wallpaper work in any environment? Well, the same guidelines that apply to floral wallpaper or geometric wallpaper play a role here. Because of their natural tendency to breathe life into the space, animal and stick shell wallpapers are generally best suited for informal rooms. However, they can easily be used to add a welcoming touch to a formal setting, such as the foyer.

The trick is choosing the right aesthetic style, decorations, and color palette. For example, an Asian-inspired print with birds or wildlife can become a stunning feature wall in an elegant living room. Nautical-themed compositions with sea creatures can also align with smart settings if used tastefully. You could even use removable monochromatic animal wallpaper as the standard wall covering in a living room. It is perfectly appropriate to go with your gut and choose a design that resonates with your personal preference.


We make it easy for you to experiment with any decorating option that strikes your fancy. Find bold animal wallpaper for walls that need to be bounced, and just your prints for rooms where you want to tone things down. Regardless of your choice, we guarantee a lovely finish, PVC-free, non-toxic inks, and self-adhesive backing that will never damage your walls or paint, making it a great solution for renters. Our removable pet wallpaper will keep you company wherever you go. Find your favorite design in our latest selection and order a sample to see if it suits your space.

Please, get to know our animal murals to guarantee an even more personalized decoration with an fantastic natural atmosphere. If you have any questions, our service team is available to help you. We are waiting for your request!