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Personalized Wallpaper 0001 - DS

Size: Sample 24in x 11in

Blue It is the Sea Life Wall Art Canvas 6020

Size: Unframed / 12"X16"

When we start thinking about decorating new places or remodeling a room, wallpapers always come to mind, but along with them, there're always those doubts: will I be able to do it alone? Is it too difficult to make the patterns match? Well, it will depend a lot on which piece you buy.

But everything is way easier if you find a place that sells Peel and Stick wallpaper striped or other patterns that are easy to match, like some plaid ones. Wait, you found it! Here at Walls By Me, we work with products that are easy to install and aimed at people who want to apply them themselves, so come check it out!

Striped Wallpaper: Give your home walls a brand-new look

There are many ways to decorate a place, no doubt, but some ideas are great options for those who want to do it all themselves without hiring someone for the installation. Of course, we are talking about Striped Wallpaper! And the best thing is, its manufacture allows you to either leave it there for years or take it off the wall and put up a new one.

So, if you are thinking about using stripes as part of your decoration, know that they are a great request, mainly because they help give the feeling that the room has a higher ceiling height. Not to mention that the designs available in our online store are all exquisite and well-thought-out for well-decorated and cozy environments. Then, of course, you can also check out our living room wallpaper options!

Striped Wallpaper: Regular, irregular, colorful, or fun design

Now that you know about the general advantages of using striped wallpaper, let's talk about the different possible types of stripes. Here we have regular horizontal stripes, irregular stripes, and zigzag stripes. We also have vertical lines, also in these three different models.

And to please everyone, we have options from those focused on white or black wallpaper to the more colorful and striking options. So take this time to explore our products and find that model that is just right for you!

Is striped wallpaper still in fashion?

Yes, there! Believe us, if you're looking up for timeless designs, the best option is stripes, especially since they can create and complete the decor of various styles, such as retro, modern, classic, and many other options. So don't be afraid of trying and testing those into your home walls!

Where to buy striped wallpaper?

The best virtual store in the USA to buy the most beautiful wallpapers, especially in different types and models of stripes, is here at Walls By Me. Our products are all made and designed so that you can decorate your house without difficulty and in your own way. Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, or any other room, we always have peel and stick wallpaper that is removable and washable.

We will be waiting for your purchase to offer you the best decorations that the market can offer, so don't waste time and guarantee yours now! You can also check our tips and tutorials for the best and smoothest wallpaper application!