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As with all the preparatory processes involved in expecting a baby, the choice of colors and bedroom decoration is made with care and attention to detail. And to align the ornament harmonically, children's wallpapers are a great option!

So, thinking of bringing practical decorative solutions and variety in patterns for you to choose from, we have gathered in this section all our options for removable themed wallpapers for children's rooms!

Children's wallpaper: know the options and buy online!

Decorating your little one's digs should be as much fun for you as it is for them! Our children's removable wallpaper collection treats you to stylish, fun, and delightful designs that fuel your imagination and craft beautiful spaces they can remember fondly, even when they grow up.

From introducing toddlers and preschoolers to shapes and colors to helping older children express themselves through their favorite themes, interests, and graphic styles, our fabulous peel and stick children's wallpapers serve many purposes.

Among the options available on our site, you will find children's wallpaper options in the most varied themes. There are floral wallpapers, sports themes, stripes, clothes, school supplies, plants and animals, geometric shapes, abstract shapes, and more!

Children's wallpaper that delights children and grown-ups alike

We don’t believe in stereotyping. Instead, we want to help you create unique spaces that bring out your child’s creative sensibilities. As a result, our children's wallpaper for bedroom options features a myriad of styles, colors, prints, and patterns.

Give a unique spin to animal-themed peel and stick wallpaper. Invite floral prints to your kids’ study or play area to make it more inviting. Cover their bedroom walls in happy stripes, pretty plaids, or quirky geometric explorations that keep them engaged!

Between fun, colorful options and neutral prints, we design our stylish wallpapers to appeal to grown-ups, with their carefully chosen color palettes and remarkable finish. And the same goes for our wallpapers for teens. Check it out!

Make a practical choice with our children's wallpapers

When choosing a wall treatment for your child’s or baby's room, looks aren’t the only thing on your mind. You also need to ensure that you’re making a practical and economical choice. Our removable wallpaper models are easy to install, and you can apply them yourself, eliminating labor costs.

As a bonus, you can endlessly reposition them without damaging your walls or paint. So, have fun decorating your kid’s room with our children’s bedroom removable wallpaper. Shop now to get delightful options at great prices!

It is also worth mentioning that Walls By Me products are eco friendly certified by Greenguard, an organization that ensures strict standards on chemical emissions, helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure!

Why invest in removable children wallpaper?

In addition to the ease of decorating the children's room when applying and removing wallpapers, we can reach at least five reasons why you should invest in removable wallpapers, and they are:

  • Style: wallpapers help you to create a bold statement about your style;

  • Practical: in a helpful and fast way, you can change your wallpapers according to your style changes;

  • Easy install: their easy peel and stick application allow you to save money;

  • Texture: wall murals add texture and depth to the space;

How to combine children's wallpapers?

When it comes to colored wallpapers, to combine them within the decor, it is essential to keep in mind the colors and elements used in the rest of the scenery. Furthermore, to harmonize with colors, they all must be in the same color palette. A good tip to do this is to repeat one or two identical colors both in the decorative objects in the room and the chosen wallpaper pattern.

When the chosen wallpaper has a neutral color, it's even easier to combine. With basic wallpapers, you have two ways: the first is to keep the entire decoration in light shades of color, and the second is to use a neutral base on the wall using one or two brighter colors in focus at specific points in the room.

Now that you have seen our children's wallpaper options take a look at our selection of geometric wallpapers and decorate a prominent wall that requires a bit of color!