Feast your eyes on fabulous floral murals

If you can’t wake up to the sight of fresh flowers filling your home, opt for the next best thing! Walls By Me has curated a collection of refreshing, uplifting, and dynamic floral designs that are perfect for feature walls.

Peel and stick wallpaper brings a splash of character to boring and bland painted walls. When you need a dramatic element in your decor, but don’t want to part with the refined elegance of nature, a mural of flowers spanning the entirety of your feature wall may be just the thing for you.

Watch your walls bloom

Just like the blossoms and greenery they depict, our floral murals don’t pander to too many rules. Once you’ve decided that your room needs a nature-inspired accent wall, think about the colors and forms that will best compliment its decor. You could go for vibrant, larger-than-life flowers to provide a colorful contrast to an all-white space. Alternatively, enrich your urban jungle by covering one wall with a tropical mural of flowers and foliage.

Murals aren’t just about loud colors. Channel subtle sophistication through high-quality imagery of meadows covered in delicate blooms. These lovely designs will give a new lease of life to oft-neglected spaces, like bathrooms and hallways.

From bedrooms in dire need of a refresh, to home offices that require creative inspiration, to circulation spaces or utility areas that have been bringing your decor down, our floral murals are suitable for all kinds of settings. Find your favorite designs now, and bring home a product that is as lovely to look at as it’s easy to apply.