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Enrich Your Living Space With Our Removable Textured Wallpaper

Boring walls bringing you down? Take your decor game to the next level by introducing a wide range of materials to your interiors. Our removable textured wallpaper will let you emulate everything from exposed brick walls to rustic wooden partitions — with no installation hassles!

Here at Walls By Me, we go the extra mile to ensure that you have everything you need to put together a living space that best reflects your personality and preferences. If you’re drawn to texturally rich spaces crafted with natural materials but don’t have the expertise or resources to work with these materials, our textured peel and stick wallpapers are just what you need.

Treat Your Home To DIY Friendly Removable Textured Wallpaper

Now you can install a charming red brick wall in your living room in a matter of minutes! The same goes for grand marble feature walls or chic shiplap partitions for your farmhouse-themed home. We capture the visual richness of these materials and finishes in superior-quality textured wallpapers that you can simply peel and stick.

Our removable textured wallpaper options create the illusion of brick, wood, stone, or fabric walls with no embossed details. Printed on high-quality peel and stick removable wallpaper, these wallpapers offer a luxurious finish. These visual textures are also a practical choice, being easy to install, maintain, and remove when you wish to try something new.

Our Bold Wallpaper Textures Are Also A Safe Bet!

Looking for a break from those standard white painted walls? Try our range of chic shiplap textured wallpapers. Or introduce some woven charm into your living space with a wallpaper texture. We also offer a range of wood textured wallpapers tailored for styles ranging from country to rustic.

Whether you like to make bold decor choices or prefer to play it safe, you’ll find the perfect removable textured wallpaper in our handpicked range. No matter what your stylistic preferences, our designs will keep your indoor environment free from toxins and leave your walls good as new when removed. From weathered wood to magnificent marble, find the perfect wall finish for your room in our removable textured wallpaper section.