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Dull walls and awkward corners will be a thing of the past once you bring home our removable wall art. This collection features a wide variety of vibrant, elegant, and quirky artworks that you can simply peel and stick on your wall! These artworks are available in various sizes to suit your setting and preference.

We have prepared a section just with sticker designs to decorate your wall. You will find options with animal prints, bicycles, geometric shapes, floral, cities, plants, fruits, and even phrases. Check it out!


You may have the perfect window treatments, furniture, accents, and lighting in place, but for your house to feel like home, you need to add a few personal touches. That’s what we offer through our removable wall decor.

Whether it’s an illustration of your favorite furry friend, a motivational message to inspire you every morning, a high-quality photo of your dream destination, or artsy explorations in your favorite style. This collection has everything you need to add your unique ‘signature’ to your living space.

Kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, and play areas, all the way through to formal living rooms and home offices; any space can benefit from our removable wall art collection. These peel and stick artworks are also ideal for brightening up circulation areas like hallways, foyers, staircase landings, etc.


The decor choices you make for your home must consider the health and safety of your loved ones. Just like our wallpapers and murals, our removable wall art is also PVC-free and printed with non-toxic inks. In addition, our pieces are Greenguard certified, which means that our products feature eco-friendly compositions that contribute to healthier environments.

These delightful peel and stick artworks will keep your indoor environment free from airborne chemicals and are thus perfectly safe for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms.

These stylish artworks are also a practical choice, thanks to their effortless installation and clean removal.Apply them directly to your wall, or have them framed or mounted — you can flaunt our durable paper-based material latex wall art designs however you please.

How to apply wall art?

The installation of Walls By Me wall art is super easy and you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes. Just peel off the paper and stick it on the desired area: practical and quick.

For the result to be impeccable, we recommend measuring and marking the space before applying the adhesive so that none of the sides are crooked.

Does the removable artwork damage the wall?

The wall art produced by Walls By Me does not damage the structure or the paint on your walls. Therefore, you can remove them whenever you want, and your wall will remain as it was before. The good thing is that you can change your decoration at any time. Just choose another theme to redecorate with.

Transform your home with inexpensive wall art

Now that you know our wall art, it is time to choose the themes that will be part of your decoration. Of course, you don't have to choose just one, after all, they adapt to every room in the house, so you can bring more personality to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even to your outdoor areas: it's up to you!

Take the time to explore our site, we have several options of wallpapers and removable murals: it has never been so easy to decorate with little money! So get your Walls By Me products now and save money decorating. Good shopping!