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Retro wallpaper patterns: old world charm in modern settings

Capturing all the nostalgia associated with well-loved styles of yore, the retro aesthetic is a reliable way to render your home welcoming and dynamic. Though often uttered in the same breath as vintage, retro is not just about classic design styles. Rather, it denotes the return of those styles to our present-day abodes. As such, retro wallpaper patterns and furnishings typically feature characterizing elements of a particular aesthetic, either simplified for contemporary tastes, or highlighted in a fun, off-beat way.

Our retro wallpaper patterns will fill your home with vintage flair and unique character. Re- create memories of your grandma’s kitchen through our botanical and citrus themed designs in muted shades of yellow, green and pink. Re-interpret Art Deco elegance through simplified lattice patterns. Go for a gorgeous floral makeover with a classic yet subtle retro feature wall. Or step outside the box with fun pop culture references a few decades old.

Our retro wallpaper patterns make classic cool

Though derived from classic styles, our retro wallpaper patterns are anything but dated. Expressed through simplified forms and subtle colors, they allude to the charm of the good old days without losing touch with contemporary aesthetics.

Choose our retro wallpapers as your wall treatment to turn your living space into a tribute to your favorite classic styles. These distinctive designs bearing hints of vintage remain beautifully in sync with the clean lines and uncluttered layouts of contemporary urban decor.

Shop for subtle, structured lattices, stripes and plaids, or spring for vibrant technicolor compositions of everyday objects and abstract forms. Our retro collection gives you a wide range of designs to choose from and a myriad of ways to add character to your home. Not just that, our PVC-free, non-toxic wallpapers ensure that your living space scores as well on safety as it does on style. Shop now to find your favorite retro wallpaper patterns!