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Black Esoteric Wall Art Canvas 96_a

Size: 12"X16" / Unframed

Beige Happy Girls Wall Art Canvas 3289

Size: 12"X16" / Unframed

Beige vintage poster Wall Art Canvas 6495

Size: 12"X16" / Unframed

The retro style is a decoration that seeks old references to create renewed and contemporary pieces. It goes back to the 1950s and 1960s through appliances, furniture, and decorative accessories, bringing surprising revisions to the home.

If this decorative style appeals to you, and you are looking for ways to decorate your home with this concept in mind, you have come to the right place! Welcome to the retro-themed wallpaper category. Here You will find several retro peels and stick wallpapers prints to add to your rooms and upgrade your walls!

Retro Removable Wallpaper: old styles, new auras!

Suppose you're looking for the best and pretties retro wallpapers to capture all the nostalgia associated with well-loved styles of yore. In that case, the retro aesthetic is a reliable way to render your home with a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere.

Though many people put retro and vintage in the same spot, Retro wallpapers bring back styles used in the past, not necessarily just vintage, brown, and old school. So here, we have many wallpapers for you to choose from and try.

Our patterns are the best way to create a unique and stylish decoration for your home. So check out our products and bring a new aura to your rooms! Perfect for both the bedroom and the living room, these patterns will help you creatively redecorate your home and get your personality to it.

Models with geometric shapes, colors and retro items

It brings a certain nostalgia to those who lived through the boom of retro decorations in its heyday of black and white walls, items such as cassette tapes, and eyeglass frames with a retro format. Our removable wallpapers include options with geometric prints, color mixtures, and prints of objects that recall this style.

To meet all preferences, we have gathered wallpaper models that range from the most neutral tones and minimalist prints to vibrant. Striking options that leave no room for doubt about your intention to make the decoration of the bedroom in question more retro.

Where to buy Retro Wallpaper and make classic look cool?

The best place to buy gorgeous removable wallpapers is at Walls By Me. After all, besides the simple and economical application they offer, our products have unique and super stylish prints for those looking to renovate their homes.

Here you can buy patterns of various colors, styles, and decorations directed to multiple types that have trended years ago. In addition, our products are easy to apply and cause minor damage to your walls if you wish to remove them.

We will wait for your purchase to offer you everything that the old trends fevers had to offer! So, enjoy and share these products with your friends so you can all enjoy such nostalgia! Also, check out our Bathroom Wallpaper options.

What materials are needed to install the retro wallpapers?

Installing our removable wallpapers is straightforward, and their main distinguishing feature is that you can install them yourself. As a result, you need very few materials for the application, and you probably already have most of them in your home. These are the materials you need:

  • Measuring tape;
  • Pencil;
  • Sharp blade or cutting blade;
  • Squeegee;
  • Leveling ruller;
  • Damp cloth;
  • Dry cloth.

    How to Install Retro Wallpapers?

    To show you how simple it is to install our retro wallpapers, we have prepared a step-by-step installation video that goes from wall preparation to application. Check out:

    Easy, isn't it? Well, you have just learned how to install all our wallpapers! Now browse the site and get to know the other options: geometric wallpapers, basic, textured, nautical, and many other styles!