FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions | Walls By Me
Below you will find some common questions from our customers. If you can not find the answer for your questions here, please just sent us an an email at support@wallsbyme.com
It’s simple! Each order comes with a printed installation guide, and you can access the guide in a PDF. You may also want to check out our quick installation video.
A wet cloth and a dry cloth, a measuring tape or level ruler, a squeegee, and a sharp blade.
Thick, high-quality paper-based material latex embossed for durability. All of our wallpaper is PVC-free, lead-free, VOC -free, and printed with non-toxic inks. It is self-adhesive so you can just peel and stick. Amazing, isn’t it? You'll fall in love at first sight.
Yes! This was one of our primary concerns when we were searching for material suppliers. There is no PVC in the composition. The products are VOC-free and lead-free. The inks are non-toxic and produce no fumes. Our wallpaper requires no ventilation during the manufacturing process, application, or while you have the product in your home. It’s safe for babies and nursery rooms; or any space at your home and office.
Yes! It is. You can clean your wallpaper by using a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • Step 1: Measure the height (measure top to bottom of your wall) in feet. This will indicate what panel height you should choose.
  • Step 2: Measure the width of your wall in feet. If you divide by two, this will tell you how many panels you need. All of our panels are two feet wide, that is why you divide by 2
  • Example: If your wall is 10ft wide by 8ft tall you will need five panels of 2ft x 8.5ft. All our panels are 2ft (24in) wide. We offer panels in three heights - 4’, 8.5’, 10.5’.
  • Still not sure? We are just a phone call away and would love to help. Reach out at 1.888.798.0306 or email us at support@wallsbyme.com.
  • You can also use our wallpaper calculator on the product page. Just insert your wall height and width, and the system will automatically calculate how much you need.
The design repeats every 2ft (24’’) in both length and width. We offer three different panel sizes to make installation easier and maximize material use. That way, you can purchase only the size and quantity you need to finish your project. Therefore the purpose of it is to buy the panel that fits your wall size. For that you need to know your wall height and width. Square foot is not applicable in this case. If you are buying a bigger size panel to cut in several pieces, or purchase panels from different sizes to use on the same wall or project, you must consider the pattern repeat. If you don’t, the design won’t match. Remember... “Measure twice and cut once.”
Some texture is okay - many people do not have a 100% smooth surface to work with. Although our recommendation is for smooth walls, we have had success with light texture. If you are new to our products, we strongly recommend ordering a sample first to see how it works with your wall.
Most smooth painted and flat surfaces. Use it on the walls of your home, your office, lobbies or waiting areas. You can also apply to furnitures in general such as drawers, doors, or bookshelves. Custom orders also allow you to do a super cool stairways for example. Any place you desire to give a special touch, create an accent wall, or make a bold statement about your personality. IMPORTANT: Due to the numerous types of paints and different surfaces each customer may use and apply the wallpaper final results may result widely from wall to wall. Wall surface should be tested for adhesion with a swatch to assess adhesion. It is very important that you allow at least 30 days concerning a newly painted surface to dry. Bubbles or failure can occur if the color is still outgassing/flashing off. Washable paints and No VOC paints prohibits full adhesion. To counter this limitation cleaning the wall can be thoroughly wiped down with isopropyl alcohol with a rag but yet there are no guarantees.
Yes, you need to overlap about ½ inch. For more questions regarding installation, check out our installation video and quick installation guide.
We do our best to describe the color of each design, but colors may vary from monitor to monitor on computers, light in the room and ones perspective and personal color perception. There may also be some slight variation in color from batch to batch. Please order a sample prior to completing your purchase to ensure the colors meet your expectations.
No, all of our designs are flat print. By ‘texture’, we are referring to the visual appearance of texture imitating a material like wood, tile, or stone. However you will be amazed by our material texture and quality. We offer a high quality paper-based latex embossed material that has a matte finish and has a much superior presentation than standard material commonly available in the market. Not to mention we use the latest technology available allowing the ink to create layers causing a amazing visual effect and extraordinary durability.
From the product page of the print you are considering purchasing, choose the size option ‘sample’ If you have any questions or can’t find how to order a sample, please contact us directly at support@wallsbyme.com.
Please email us with your request, detailing the size of the wall, print or color image you are looking for, and any other special request you may have. We’ll be glad to assist you. We address each request on a one-to-one basis.
Yes, we ship internationally. Customer is responsible for shipping that can be chosen at checkout. However custom and duties are not included in the shipping price. Walls By Me can not advise on Custom and Duties. Mail carrier will provide costs for custom and duties, collect from custom and process any necessary paperwork necessary to complete the delivery.
Most likely. We have customers that removed 4 years later and have not had a issue. However unfortunately is not a straight forward answer. In a nutshell the two factors that will decide this is whether the wallpaper was installed as instructed, what type of surface and paint.
  • We have an easy and hassle-free Return Policy. We will accept returns up to 30 days from the date you received your package. Please return the package in the same condition you originally received it, unopened and sealed. Custom is responsible for return shipping fees and a restocking fee may apply. We can’t accept returns of open items. For check color or design we strongly recommend ordering a sample.
  • Samples are not refundable.
  • A member of our team must authorize all returns. Please contact us at support@wallsbyme.com, and we will be happy to assist you.
  • We make products to order, meaning we will print every order especially for you. There may be slight color differences from one batch to another so we strongly recommend ensuring you are buying enough wallpaper to cover the entire area you intend to apply the wallpaper. If you place separate orders, they may ship from different batches and therefore to have a difference in color.