Materials and Installation

  1. So, what does “do it yourself” (DIY) mean?

It means there is no need to hire a professional or pricey contractor.  The application is simplistic and easy to comprehend, making it possible for anyone to install, without any special skills required. It is a backed peel adhesive fabric, removable and repositionable; meaning the application is highly forgiving. If you’ve made a mistake just peel it off and reapply (re-stick) it again.  The only important thing to do is to measure twice before cutting it off. PLEASE NOTE: Cutting blades are not forgivable. Some prefer to do it with the help of others. (One person peels the adhesive, while the other smooths it out. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of preference.

  1. How easy is the wallpaper installation and what are the steps to properly install it?

It’s simple, for instructions please click on our “How To Apply” link and it will show you step by step. There is also a “How To” video or you can call us if you have any questions.

  1. What materials do I need for installation?

Measuring tape, a pencil, sharp blades, squeegee, a ruler or a measurement level, wet cloth and a dry cloth.

  1. What material is this wallpaper made of?

It is a very thin canvas made of woven fabric backed with adhesive. Our choice of fabric instead of vinyl ensures the plus effect, while presenting a gorgeous “look and feel “display. This also gives your wallpaper a look very similar to traditional wallpaper.  Which is why you’ll also have the backed peel adhesive option. Amazing isn’t it? You’ll fall in love at first sight.

  1. If it’s removable and does not damage the wall how does it stick?

Aha! That is the million dollar question.  The adhesive to which it is backed with, is strong enough to keep it attached to the wall, while gentle enough to not peel the paint when removed.

  1. How do I get a sample of the wallpaper I am interested on ?

Three steps all in the same page.

1. Just choose the particular wallpaper design you would like to order a sample from.

2. When in that particular product page, choose the quantity of samples you would like and under size choose the option sample.

3. Select what type of material would you like your sample to be printed on.

Add to cart and you are done. It’s just a click away.  GO NOW!

If you decide you would like a sample from both materials simply go back and do the same product page and  repeat process.  At this time add the other material type when choosing the sample.

Note: For wall murals we do provide sample ONLY for the material.  Due to the nature of the product we are not able to provide a sample of the design only the different types of material the mural can be printed on. Therefore it is a blank material with no image. Good news is wall mural samples are free of charge.

  1. Is the material non-toxic?

Yes! This has been one of our primary concerns when researching the product. There is no PVC on the composition.  They are VOC FREE and LEAD FREE. The inks are water based and no fumes are produced. No ventilation is required during the manufacturing process, application or the duration of usage.  It’s completely safe for baby and nursery rooms, along with any other room inside your home.

  1. Can I use it outdoors?

No. Our product is recommended for indoor use ONLY.

  1. Can I use these wallpapers in the bathrooms or the kitchen?

Yes. Our wallpaper can stand some moisture. Not to be apply on areas constantly wet such as showers.

  1. How do I clean it?

With a mildly damp cloth.  DO NOT apply any additional products to clean it.

  1. What are the available wallpaper sizes?

There are three sizes available.

2FT x 4FT (61cm x 122cm)

2FT x 8.5FT (61cm x 260cm)

2FT x10.5FT (61cm x 320cm).

  1. How much wallpaper do I need?

It’s simple.  We’ll do the math for you. You just type in your wall dimensions and our footage calculator provides you with:

  • All of the measurement requirements.
  • How many rolls you’ll need.
  • Recommended calculations for the best size needed based on your specific project.

The calculator is located on the product page for your convenience.  This allows you to click on any of the designs, where your measurements will be applied, regardless of wallpaper type.

  1. Do you have more than one type of wallpaper?

Yes. We have two types of wallpaper. WallFab and WallTex. WallFab is a thin material that does well for wall murals, wall arts or any smooth surface application. Walltex is a much thicker material, like a wall canvas, and therefore is usually a better fit for texture walls as it hides the texture more effectively.

All designs can be printed on either material. Both have the same characteristics (fabric printed with nontoxic inks and removable). As stated, the difference between them is the thickness.

Please note: In a textured wall, the adhesive has less surface to grab on and therefore isn’t attached as it would be on a smooth surface. You can grab a free sample to test before you make your decision. There are no returns once the wallpaper has been used or applied to wall.

  1. Can these wallpapers be used on textured walls?

Some texture is okay. Many people do not have a 100% smooth surface.  Although, our recommendation is for egg shell paint we have had success with light to moderate texture walls like orange peel type. For textured walls, it’s probably best order the Walltex, as it is a thicker material and will most likely be a better fit. We recommend staying away from strong textured walls like the popcorn, concrete or bricked walls. However, we’re here to help with any questions you may have.  Email us at and we will see what we can do for you.

If you are NEW to our products, we strongly recommend ordering a sample before you order any of our products (especially if you have a textured wall). PLEASE NOTE:  Products that have been cut or the adhesive has been backed peel will not be eligible for returns.

  1. What surfaces can I install these wallpapers on?
  • Most smooth surfaces. Walls of your home, drawers, doors, stairways, fridges.
  • Walls of your business, home office, lobbies, meeting or waiting rooms.
  • Any place you desire to give a special touch, create a visual tone, or send a message.
  1. Do I need to overlap or butt seam?

Even though our fabric does not shrink during the installation process, we offer both options. It is your choice. You can then cut the overlapped portion and butt seam them or simply leave the overlap. Please see video or installation page for detailed instructions.

  1. If bubbles start appearing later what can I do?

Most likely they will disappear over time.  However, if they do not, simply use a pin to relieve the air at the small air entry and that should suffice.

  1. How do I trim excess wallpaper?

Using a sharp blade (like X-Acto Knife). Please be careful, as those blades are sharp. Do not allow children close to the blades at any time. Please see our “how to apply” page and video for details on this.

  1. Can I expect differences in color?

Yes. We do our best to describe the color of each design but colors may vary from monitor to monitor. Please feel free to order a sample prior completing your purchase in order to ensure the colors meet your expectations.

  1. What kind of paint can I apply the wallpaper to?

Although many of our happy customers have successfully placed our wallpaper on light textured walls, our product is recommended for smooth walls and/or surfaces. We recommend eggshell, semi-gloss or satin finishes for painted walls.

Most paints nowadays have primer in it, but you’ll want to make sure your wall has been previously primed prior to painting; otherwise the adhesive may come off.  If you have recently painted a wall, please allow (30) days prior to wallpaper installation.



  1. How fast can I get my order?

Please check our shipping page for further information. Depending on what service you choose, you can get your wallpaper as fast as 4 days after placing your order. Standard orders may take between 4 to 7 business days for delivery once you place your order.

  1. How much does shipping cost?

Orders $99 and over- FREE domestic shipping. UPS ground shipping (up to 8 business days)

Orders under $99 –  $9.99 for UPS ground shipping ( up to 8 business days)

For wall art product only- $3.95 USPS First Class or $7.95 USPS priority (2-3 business days)

For samples shipping is U$$1,50. USPS first class.

  1. Do you ship internationally?

Sorry… Not at this time.

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Master, Discovery and American Express.

  1. Is there sales tax on top of the price?

ONLY if your order is going to Florida. Then a 7.5% charge applies.

  1. What is your return policy?

We are happy to offer an exchange or refund within 14days of purchase if you are not happy with your order. Please refer to our return policy page for details.

  1. Can I send personalized art to be printed?

Yes!  However, not via our website. If you would like a personalized order you can email your request or question to and we will try to accommodate your special request. At this point we evaluate each request on a one to one basis.

  1. How can I track my order?

You will receive 2 emails.

  1. An order confirmation email.
  2. A shipping confirmation email.

You can also call us at 1.888.798.0306 or email us at any time if you have questions or concerns.

  1. How do I change, modify or cancel an order?

We understand that change happens. If you must cancel, change or modify your order, please contact us immediately through email at or call us at 1.888.798.0306. All changes or cancellations must be confirmed by a member of our team.  This ensures that we are all on the same page and that we meet your expectations.

PLEASE NOTE:  Orders that have been shipped already will have to follow same rules for exchanges.

  1. How do I contact customer service?

Please feel free to contact us at or at 1.888.798.0306



  1. Are the murals or wall art on a frame?

No. They are made of the same material as wall paper; backed adhesive fabric. Again, you will simply peel and stick your art to the wall, your mural, closet door, home office decor, businesses, waiting rooms, etc.

  1. What is the difference between wall mural and wallpaper?

Wall Mural is one art design that is printed in panels. You simply put them together according to your personal preferences; similar to the way you would do with a wardrobe ensemble, or with a picture divided into multiple parts.

Wallpaper is a repeated pattern that you will also put together.  However, it is a copy of the previous patterns, making a continuation of a specific design. Example: If a mural is made of 3 panels, you will need all three to have your design complete. With a wallpaper, you will decide how much you need, depending on the size of the area or décor you are trying to enhance. 

  1. What are the sizes available for Murals?

There are three available sizes.

Small comprised by a set of 4 panels measuring 96’’ x100’’each

Medium comprised by a set of 6 panels measuring 144’’ x100’’ each

Large comprised by a set of 8 panels measuring 192’’ x 100’’ each. 

  1. What are the sizes available for Wall Art

Each wall art is presented as portrait or square.

Square Size options:

12’’ x 12” (31cm x 31cm)

16’’ x 16’’ (41 cm x 41cm)

24’’ x 24’’ (61cm x 61cm)

36’’ x 36’’ (91cm x 91cm)


Portrait Size options:

8’’x 12’’ (20cm x 31cm)

12’’ x 18’’ (31cm x 46cm)

16’’ x 24’’ (41xm x 61cm)

24’’x 36’’ (61cm x 91cm)

  1. Can I order a personalized mural?

Personalized orders are being evaluated on a one to one basis. Please feel free to contact us by emailing your request or question to

  1. What kind of material is Mural made of?

All our products are made of the same material. Polyester Fabric or Canvas, PVC-free,      VOC-free and Lead-free; printed with water based inks.  No ventilation is required during the application process or the duration of wall usage.



  1. Where can I apply this?

Whether you have tile and looking for a temporary or permanent design change, or even if you do not have a tile but would like to have the look of a tile this is for you.

Please Note:  Due to the unique characteristics of a kitchen (grease, temperature, etc), it is recommended you wipe off wallpaper with warm water and mild soap regularly so grease does not build up.

  1. What kind of material is this tile adhesive made of?

All our products are made of the same material. Polyester Fabric or Canvas, PVC-free, VOC-free and Lead-free; printed with water based inks.  No ventilation is required during the application process or the duration of wall usage.

  1. How do I clean it?

The same way you clean all of our materials – with a mildly damp cloth.




  1. What are the borders made of?

Polyester Fabric or Canvas, PVC-free, VOC-free and Lead-free; printed with water based inks. No ventilation was required during the manufacturing process, as no fumes are produced.

  1. Where can I use these borders?

Any space your heart desires. They can be used to accentuate your décor or to enhance your wall space.  They are ideal for anyone who enjoys the look of a wallpaper, but does not want a fully covered wall. 

  1. What are the sizes of the wallpaper borders?

6,5in x 180in (16,5cmx457cm) – Comprised by a set of 4 wallpaper borders each one measuring 6,5in x 45in (16,5cmx114cm)