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Gorgeous and Grounded: Gray Wallpaper Patterns for Modern Homes

If there is one decor myth that needs to be busted right away, it’s that gray is a boring color. To the uninitiated, it may seem like just another neutral hue. Those who’ve explored the gray palette, however, know that it’s a delightful world of its own.

Ready to help your home graduate to the next level of sophistication? Check out our fabulous range of gray, white and silver wallpaper. Well-chosen gray wallpaper patterns can do a lot more than introduce a specific design style into a setting.

The Unlimited Possibilities of Gray Wallpaper Patterns

Gray tones can be warm or cool, light or dark, metallic or natural, and tinted or paired with other colors. Depending on the direction in which you want to take your decor, there are countless options to choose from. Starting with simple geometric patterns, stripes and chevrons, you can go all the way to intricate floral explorations and abstract compositions.

There isn’t a design style or aesthetic that doesn’t lend itself to the gray palette. We offer classic damasks and vintage vines in robust gray hues. We also provide you with upbeat white and silver wallpapers with a whole array of prints, patterns, and themes.

Celebrate Texture With Our Gray, White and Silver Wallpaper

Gray wallpaper brings you the opportunity to experiment with tactile richness. In addition to our vast range of styles and themes, you can also consider creating a shabby chic or rustic theme in your living space using distressed faux-wood wallpaper in gorgeous gray tones. Or create an element of drama using dark granite textured wallpaper. A charming Boho-chic loft is also well within your reach thanks to our brick textured wallpapers in light gray hues.

Glamorous or functional or anything in between—our gray, white and silver wallpaper patterns will let you have it all! Shop now, and order samples of your favorite designs as a first step.