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Find your wallpaper


Our company is specially made for those who want to create their dream place right now, no matter if they own or if they rent a house! Our removable wall paper allows you to design your home in order to reflect your personality, a special moment in your life or simply a splash of color through your walls. These moments are happening right now and everybody should be able to create their memories as they wish at the present moment. And here we are with a very easy solution for you: a removable wallpaper so easy to put in as it is take it off. You can uplift your place in a matter of minutes. So easy you can do it yourself. Just peel and stick! That is exactly what WALLS BY ME wallpaper allows you to do. We offer self-adhesive wallpaper with the coolest designs to enhance the look of your home without damaging your walls. Our wallpaper is removable and repositionable; made of fabric not vinyl and therefore PVC –free. We make changing easier!



As parents ourselves, our primary goal while developing this company has always been to be able to offer a safe product, especially to kids and nursery rooms. Be mindful of the environment, being eco conscious as possible regarding production process and material used. Therefore, after a very long research and many tests we found a great product. But then Wall décor is all about design therefore to have a great product without incredible design it is the same as have waterproof equipment that cannot go in the water. Then our goal became to have great designs in order to offer a variety of wallpaper so that you could choose the one that captures your style and personality. We wanted to offer a product that t is more than uplifting, a product that would bring back desirable memories or inspire what is the best on each and every one of us.


Get the latest offers and exclusives.

WALLS BY ME is a online store specialized in removable wallpaper. Our wallpaper is removable and repositionable; made of fabric, not vinyl, and therefore PVC-free. It uses the cleanest printing technology available, no fumes are produced at all. The inks are water based, which minimizes environmental harm, allowing you to safely apply the wallpaper in all areas of your home, that includes wallpaper for bathroom and wallpaper for the kitchen.

The different styles and colors of our removable wallpaper offers a perfect opportunity to refresh the look your home.Whether your are looking for a new look on your living room or any other room WALLS BY ME got you covered.