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Personalized Wallpaper 0001 - DS

Size: Sample 24in x 11in

Multi Color Rooster Wall Art Canvas 0669

Size: Unframed / 12"X16"

Yellow Sunset at Coast Wall Art Canvas 6236

Size: Unframed / 12"X16"

Multi Color Autumn Park Wall Art Canvas 6144

Size: Unframed / 12"X16"

Multi Color Autumn River Wall Art Canvas 2590

Size: Unframed / 12"X16"

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Nowadays, we can find many ways and ideas to decorate offices, homes, and rooms. While it can be nice to have a list of branded options, sometimes it is difficult to decide what to use, where, and how. Plus, it's tricky to find ideas that are really as simple as people say and without the need to hire someone to do it for you, right?

But if you're looking for practical, easy, and elegant decoration for your rooms, Walls By Me has the solution: peel and stick wallpaper - the best idea you can find! You can also learn more about our merchant by reading the decorating topics. It's easy to apply on its own and gives a stunning look to the place, with different kinds of prints, patterns, colors, and blends.

However, if there is one color that can deliver this striking effect, it is orange. This shade brings a dynamic and modern touch to the rooms without losing its lightness.

The good news is that here on this page, you can find a variety of peeled and pasted orange wallpaper in different prints and textures.

So, if you like this idea, check out our orange wallpaper options to use in your home or office. Take advantage of our affordable prices and decorate with savings! Looking for a different shade? On our website, you can choose your wallpaper by color, check it out!

Transform your decoration with orange wallpaper!

Life is too short to live in a lifeless, colorless room every day, isn't it? So finding a home decor that appeals to you while giving you extra energy, a good atmosphere, and more personality can sound fresh. And it's not hard, believe me, with our orange wallpaper, it's much easier. Mainly because of our gigantic variety in prints, you just have to choose one that suits your style and decor!

Here at Walls By Me you can find different styles and colors, so you can check them out and take your time to find the best one for you and your home! With this, you can see everything from the most rustic decor styles, exposed orange bricks, to the most delicate children's print, floral wallpaper, or artistic pattern.

Using our prints, you can create a covered wall of a room with charming wallpapers or even make a localized wall decoration on one side of your room. Here, you can explore the way of decorating that suits your own kind of taste. In addition, we also feature black wallpapers that go super well together with orange ones.

Check out the orange wallpapers from Walls By Me:

  • Orange and white wallpaper;
  • Orange and purple wallpaper
  • Orange and yellow wallpaper
  • Orange wallpaper with brick textures
  • Orange wallpaper with floral;
  • Orange Wallpaper with animals
  • Orange Wallpaper with graffiti;
  • Orange Wallpaper with geometric;
  • Orange Wallpaper with fruits;
  • Orange Wallpaper with forests.

What colors go with orange wallpaper?

The dynamic effect of orange provides a wide versatility in combining the color palette. For example, if you're looking for a more natural effect, you can combine white wallpaper with orange.

If you are looking for a fresh and natural effect, you can combine them with green wallpapers. And what about a bolder combination with purple? Use your creativity and enjoy and colorfulness is on the rise!


At first, our wallpaper is great for DIY ideas because they are just Peel, Stick, and Done! Give your home high quality washable wallpaper with eco-friendly, greenguard certified material. Use materials that minimize potential exposure to airborne chemicals and are also free of PVC, Lead, VOC, and Nickel. In addition, they have no hazard labels, odorless prints, plasticizers, nor phthalates, chlorine, halogens, or heavy metals.

Another advantage is that they do not damage the original appearance or the paint on your wall. Do you get sick of them? Just remove them and your walls will be as they were before: no harm or damage!

Do you need professionals to apply the orange wallpaper?

No, Walls By Me orange wallpaper is designed to offer you maximum convenience. That is, they are quick and easy to install, and you can do it yourself without the need for professional help. In the description of our products you will find a brief instruction manual to help you with installation.

Didn't like any of our wallpaper designs? Now you can also customize yours just the way you like!

That said, we'll be waiting for your purchase to offer you all the best options for home decoration! Buy orange wallpaper for your walls here with us, and don't miss it. You can also find some removable bark and stick nautical wallpaper options. Check them out!