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Give your wall interior a natural look with suitable wallpaper. Our unique nautical patterns available on this page instantly add a touch of elegance to your wall décor!

Displaying various shades of blue and different marine species, our nautical wallpaper prints bring together scenes that will make you feel at the bottom of the sea, or at least close to it, every day when you wake up!

Make waves with our nautical wallpapers!

Bring home the beach, sail into the sunset, or express your fascination for the ocean with our patterns. Welcome to our nautical wallpaper collection! Here you'll find a range of fabulous designs brimming with fresh seaside vibes. Of course, decorations in your bedroom are a good way for you to try these!

Nautical decoration can be a lot of fun in rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, and recreational. With our ocean-inspired selection, you can cover your walls from vintage nautical symbols to quirky sea creatures to stylish swirls and waveforms in intense aquamarine hues.

There's a nautical wallpaper for every room.

The world of sea-themed wallpaper is as expansive and often as surprising as the ocean itself. You can find the perfect nautical wallpaper for any setting, provided you know what to work with.

If you're taking your first steps with sea décor, bathrooms are always a safe place to start. Oceanic symbols and animals, along with aquamarine palettes, serve as a great way to transform a standard toilet. We have carefully chosen our maritime-themed wallpaper options to suit all sizes and configurations of bathrooms.

Seafaring wallpaper is a great way to add zest to a dull living room, bedroom, or study. Cover your walls with happy-go-lucky seashells, bright corals, whimsical whirls or sea creatures in monochrome and multicolor options.

If you prefer the clean-cut geometric look, a composition involving a sailor's rope can serve as an excellent backdrop for your nautical explorations!

The best way to wallpaper your house: peel-and-stick!

If you've heard someone say how beautiful wallpaper can be but think it's a lot of work to install, it's because they have not heard yet about Walls By Me.

Yet, for most people decorating the wallpapering walls has always been challenging because of all the labor and mess involved with paste and whatnot. However, with this material, you can apply the wallpaper by simply peeling the adhesive backing and sticking it to the wall! So .. what do you think about using them in your living room? Come and see!

Create holiday vibes with attractively priced nautical wallpaper

This Peel and Stick wallpaper range here at Walls By Me ensures that homebound doesn't weigh you down. These fresh, exuberant, yet calming designs will whisk you to a happier place. They'll also help you relax while you watch the movement and curves of the ocean represented on your wall!

Bring home some maritime magic with our nautical peel-and-stick wallpaper options. Shop now to get our stylish ocean-themed designs at unbeatable prices. You can also choose some and it on your wishlist. Check out!

Why invest in nautical wallpaper?

Complement your décor with a refreshing nautical peel-and-stick wallpaper! Here are 5 good reasons why you should invest in nautical removable wallpapers:

  • If you keep your heart close to the sea nautical wallpapers will help you to create a bold statement about your style;
  • In a practical and fast way, you can change your wallpapers according to your style changes;
  • Nautical wallpapers bring you closer to the sea, even indoors;
  • It does not require hiring labor for installation or removal;
  • Wallpapers add texture and depth to your space.

How to Install peel-and-stick nautical wallpaper?

Besides being do-it-yourself, our installation process can be summarized in 5 simple steps:

1 - Please make sure you read the installation guide. There is very important information there for a successful installation. Start by unrolling the panel and pulling the liner down about 6". You can cut this portion of the back liner so you can have a more straightforward application;

2 - Time to apply! Start applying from the top corner of the wall and go down. We always recommend starting a little bit above the top of the wall once most walls are not straight;

3 - To make the installation easier, use a squeegee to smooth out the wallpaper from the center outwards;

4 - Now repeat the process with the remaining panels matching the design by overlapping them about 1/2 inch;

5 - After the application, trim excess wallpaper on the top end bottom using a sharp blade, and it's done!

If you like nautical wallpapers, look at our ocean wallpaper designs! Abstract and realistic alternatives to bring the ocean closer!