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Choose the perfect Floral Wallpaper for your Room

Decorating your house is one of the greatest pleasures a person can have. You can put your taste, style, and personality into all rooms the way you want to. And one of the trends that came years ago and don't seem to be going anywhere soon is the floral wallpaper.

At Walls By Me you can find the perfect floral prints to make your home look even more into your personality and fashion taste. We work with large and bold prints or simpler and more delicate ones. Also with simple and modern patterns, having different types of flowers and styles available to choose from as you wish. Check it out!

And, as you can see, there are a lot of flower types and so wallpapers, that's why many of people feel overwhelmed while choosing the best print for their rooms. With that in mind, we've prepared exclusive contents to help you select and use the perfect wallpaper for your home, keep reading and check out:

Are floral wallpapers trending?

Yes! floral themes are always a good choice, and some people even use it in their office. But above all, you need to think your way to express yourself into your wallpaper, so please, use these tips to help you create a decorated room that looks just like you:

Where and how can you use a floral wallpaper?

You can use it wherever you want, mainly cause it's a very common and trendy wallpaper. There are different ways to decorate a room with floral wallpaper: they can make rooms with a goth, or sophisticated, modern, vintage, and even a masculine atmosphere, you can make it very colorful with red, pink, and purple. Let's check out the best ways to do it, into a one-wall decoration and an entire-room thing.

One-wall floral wallpaper: how to do it?

We're going to give you the best ways to make a one-wall decorated room. To do that, you can, for example, buy a bold and big print to create a stunning place, and in that kind of case, you may paint the other walls with neutral or candy colors. You can create a colored yet not overdone room by choosing a wallpaper that has a neutral background (like white) and colored flowers, we will use blue, and then we should paint the other walls with the same shade of blue.

Or else, you can create a goth room by buying dark flowers with some minor colored points and then make all the other walls with these colors in pastel. You can also do this decoration with simple and small patterns! Do it the way you would feel more comfortable living with it. You can use our tips to put wallpaper into your bathroom!

Is it a good idea to decore the entire room with floral walls?

To use flower wallpaper in the entire room, you should be careful with some stuff, so it doesn't get too overdone. First of all, don't use big and bold prints, it will be too much even if it's not a tiny room. Also, don't use patterns or printed decorations on the rest of the furniture!

Avoid mixing patterns and styles. If you bought a wallpaper pattern for your Room, then use it, and it's a solid color pallet, ok? We hope their content has helped you to choose which wallpaper to buy and use. You can also check out how to install wallpaper on our website. See you next time!