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Impressive wallpapers for your living room walls

As the centerpiece of your home, the living room requires some extra attention during your decoration project. Find the perfect wallpaper to feature in it right here in this collection.

Our living room wallpaper range has been thoughtfully curated for your needs. Whether you’re looking to craft a cozy space where the family can gather at the end of a long day, an efficient work-from-home and relaxation setup, or a room to impress your guests, we have designs for every requirement.

Find the best living room wallpaper for you

Unlike bedrooms and offices, living rooms are meant to appeal to groups of people. This offers you the freedom to explore styles, trends and color palettes. You can craft an intimate space that brings together colors and patterns you loved as a kid. Alternatively, make a bold statement with furniture, wall art, and an accent wall.

Finding a suitable wallpaper for your living room accent wall involves a mix of approaches. You need to look at the space functionally: its size, layout, lighting, and so on. You also need to factor in your personal tastes. Have you been yearning to try out a classic floral wall treatment throughout your living room, or mulling over the idea of a dramatic textured wallpaper?

This collection by Walls By Me will introduce you to a range of prints, patterns, and colors. Try out cheerful botanical wallpapers that refresh your space. Subtle, understated geometric designs add depth to the space while letting your statement furniture stand out. Plus, you’ll find dynamic murals and wallpaper for your living room accent wall.

To explore and experiment with all these options, start shopping now!