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Start your new decor project at home with our gorgeous living room wallpapers. Using a renter-friendly option to do so, you can save time and money spent on your renovations. Here at Walls By Me, you will find the greatest and most diverse designs that appeal to every aesthetic you need.

Whether you are going for more classic and toned-down colors or bold and very authentic patterns, you have found your place. Please scroll through our catalog and pick the perfect match for your decoration. Enjoy all the amazing possibilities we can offer and shop by collections, rooms, or styles.

The greatest products made and curated with care

Your living room is one of the focal points of a house and this space demands additional care and attention into it. Explore this category to find some print or pattern that most transmits your personality and what your home and space are about.

This particular room in a house is essential since it is usually there where we can have our family gatherings after dinner, some movie time with our friends, or a lounging moment to relax and unwind a little bit. And because of that and other reasons, being able to do all that in a cozy and welcoming environment is of the most interest.

Our wallpaper range was thoughtfully crafted and selected to fulfill all of our customers' needs. So no matter what is your inspirations or intent, there is always a style, print, or pattern that will fit like a glove into your project.

Check out some of the options in style we have available for you:

  • Bold and striking colors: this is a great way to express who you are and at the same time set the tone for the rest of the house decor. Match your personality with one of the wallpapers;
  • Classical Decor: a safe bet for those who love to maintain the beauty that goes very well with much of the elements around the room. You can also go for a retro wallpaper vibe and set the mood in the past glory.
  • Forest and Floral: bring a piece of the outdoors inside with the nature-inspired options available. Choose between forest and floral designs and put some life into your walls.
  • Shiplap: the shiplap started as a simple wall treatment and now is one of the most trendy and exciting wallpaper aesthetics. Our product is guaranteed a photorealistic finish to provide only the best experience to our customers.

Decorate with a non-toxic wallpaper

When you decorate, one of the worries you might have is about how safe or potentially dangerous toxins we can be putting into our walls. Here at Walls By Me, you can be sure about the safety measurements we have applied to our fabricating process.

All of our products are free from PVC, phthalate ester, or esters of phthalic acid, lead, and any kind of chemicals that might spread in the air. This concern and effort put into research and technology support our commitment to provide only the best removable wallpapers, murals, and wall art.

Check out all the fantastic creations we have available or, if you feel like decorating your living room with something a little more exclusive, visit the personalized wallpaper page and get yourself a design inspired by your needs and preferences.

Enjoy all the freedom you get to have by choosing, applying, and later removing wallpapers when you need or want, here, at Walls By Me.