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Basic and removable wallpapers are great options for creating a clean, harmonious, and balanced atmosphere.

In addition, these self-adhesive wallpaper peel and stick options are ideal for those who want to promote a renovation to the environment without having to take professional help and increase the expense of the budget.

They are super easy to apply, and if you need to remove them, they do not damage the appearance of the wall. There are several super stylish and practical options to choose the one you like the most.

Essential wallpapers for all environments!

Essential patterned wallpapers are functional and basic, meaning they work with all types of decorations. Not only do they not overwhelm the space, but they are also more sophisticated and easy to combine, just like chinoiserie wallpapers.

These options adapt to all environments, whether to decorate the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom: they come to transform any area.

Responsible production line

Walls by Me is concerned with offering wallpapers with superior quality to the options available in the market. In addition, they are washable, durable, safe, and non-toxic.

If applied as instructed, you usually can remove it without any damage to the wall, even when removed a few years later.

Essential wallpapers - floral, geometric, abstract designs, and more!

This page of the site has many options for wallpaper designs. Here you will find colorful alternatives, such as wallpapers in geometric designs of orange, black, ivory white, maritime, floral pink and white, purple, blue, gray, and gold. In addition, you have options for all kinds of environments and compositions!

There are also options with neutral backgrounds and without many details, ideal for delicately transforming the décor.

With Walls By Me, essential is never synonymous with sinister or less beautiful. On the contrary: our pieces translate the beauty from simple to sophisticated! Moreover, you can even enhance the look with the help of wall art.

So rely on essential wallpapers to create simple compositions full of personality and style for your space. Here, contemporary is our great ally.

When choosing your basic print or wall design, make sure you look for furniture that can add and balance this composition with an appropriate and modern color palette. Use, for example, floral creations to apply in rooms, creating an atmosphere full of life. Textured papers are perfect for the living or dining room!

When they are yellow or gold, they provide a warm and cheerful feeling. So, which one do you prefer?

Why does buying high-quality and safe wallpaper matter?

One of the biggest concern for moms is ensuring the wallpaper is non-toxic. We offer a PVC-free option wallpaper that is printed with non-toxic inks, and it is Greenguard certified. Therefore you can rest assured your little ones or not-so-little ones are safe.

Our PVC-free option is made of high-quality paper substrate saturated with specific elements allowing for extra durability and washability. We source our materials 100% from US manufacturers, which only use paper responsibly sourced.

Therefore, you are not only acquiring a high-quality product and being safe but also checking the box for being eco-friendly.!

How to combine the essential wallpapers?

There are no secrets to combining essential wallpapers. They are functional and timeless. If they are neutral wallpapers without many more vibrant colors, you can combine them with more eye-catching decorations or furniture to enhance the space's decoration.

However, if they are colorful or floral wallpapers, prioritize leaving them as a highlight in the place, adding more uncomplicated and discreet elements. Check out all our options, and if you have any doubts when applying your wallpaper, please watch our explainer video to enlighten yourself!