Create coastal bliss with palm tree peel and stick wallpaper

If you’re looking to wake up to tropical tranquility every morning, our palm tree wallpaper collection is here to make your day. This carefully curated range of delightful botanical prints features everything from realistic palm tree imagery to delightful abstract explorations.

Find calming palm tree wallpaper for your bedroom

Bedrooms require decor that is the perfect balance between calming and rejuvenating. This can be tough to achieve. If you want to try something beyond solid colors and floral prints, take a tour of the tropics with our delightful palm tree peel and stick wallpapers that are a perfect match for bedrooms.

These fabulous wallpapers infuse their surroundings with the natural vibrancy of botanical prints, and keep things breezy with a cheerful tropical touch. They can be paired with houseplants and nature-inspired furnishings for a lush urban jungle look. Alternatively, they can work as feature walls within clean-cut contemporary spaces or charming eclectic settings.

Any room can use these lovely designs!

In our palm tree peel and stick wallpaper collection, you’ll also find subtle, small-scale prints in near-white or neutral colors. These can serve as a welcome change from standard geometric wall treatments without forcing you to redo the decor of your room. Such delightful and versatile designs are great for bathrooms, laundry areas, or utility spaces that don’t get much attention.

With the right color pairings and accents, you can even let them be the default wall treatment in prominent spaces like living rooms or entryways. Lush palm foliage can work beautifully with gilded accents and classic forms.

Got a room that needs some coastal character? Need a change from your usual wall treatments, but not yet ready to part with the botanical theme? Treat yourself to these gorgeous palm tree wallpapers for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more!