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Colorful wallpaper: shop by all your favorite colors

Decorating your house is a whole new experience for some people, while also means a great and joyful pastime, considering that choosing and looking for different home decor and colorful wallpaper is such a satisfactory activity. From dramatic flair to subtle sophistication, there's a lot that you can create by using the right colors in your decor. Here you can navigate through our options by color, finding all you've been looking for.

So set the mood of your home with our colorful peel and stick wallpaper. Featuring picture-perfect color pairings and a rich, high-quality removable cover, these PVC-free wall coverings are tailored for stylish modern homes. And if you want to know more about everything available here and how to use it, keep reading:

How to choose colorful wallpaper for your home walls?

When choosing the color for your home walls, there are two things you need to pay attention to:

  • your own decoration;
  • the effect that color causes on the human mind.

If you're not aware of what we're talking about, a quick resume is each color has a different impact on our mind, so soft blue and green prints can help us feel calm and relaxed, while intense red can make us agitated and hungry.

So, if you're looking for a bedroom cover, we recommend finding calm or light colors. And when you're looking for living room wallpapers, it's better to choose some orange or yellow tonned wallpaper. Of course, it's essential to find those tons that fit the decoration you already have, but it's necessary to keep this caution in mind while choosing.

Why should you buy peel & stick wallpaper here at Walls By Me?

'Cause here we work with eco-friendly merch options. By that, being PVC-free and non-toxic, our colorful peel and stick wallpaper are perfect for all kinds of living spaces. They also come off without damaging your walls or paint, so you can easily take them with you to your next apartment.

Also, when your favorite colors lie on the brighter side of the spectrum, incorporating them into your decor can be challenging. For example, what if that raspberry-toned wall ends up clashing with your boho-chic furnishings and accents? Or what if that gorgeous blue paint you picked looks utterly different in artificial light? Walls By Me helps you sail through these problems with colorful, removable wallpapers that are both fabulous and reliable.

Our designs expertly pair tints and shades to create gorgeous compositions that'll look good in every home. Find elegant floral and damask prints in rich jewel tones, exuberant botanical designs with vivid hues borrowed from nature, and happy-go-lucky geometric patterns that are both fabulous and fun.

So, did you like our options and ideas? We hope our goods and this text have helped you choose the best colorful wallpaper and given you great ideas and inspiration. You can also come to check out our great home office wallpaper options to increase the personality and life of your home walls!

Beige Wallpaper

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Brown Wallpaper

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Grey Wallpaper

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Orange Wallpaper

Orange is an excellent choice for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Check it out!