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Landscape murals to help you travel the world

Wish you could wake up to the sight of snowy mountains, sweeping vistas, and enticing forests? Our wall murals make it possible!

This collection of murals consists of gorgeous scenes from across the globe. Available in a range of sizes to suit your living space, they allow you to turn even a windowless space into a room with a stunning view.

The beauty of murals in your home

Do you shy away at the idea of understated prints and patterns covering your walls, let alone full-scale landscapes? Well, Walls By Me offers high-quality landscape wall mural that compliment, not overwhelm, your space – both visually and functionally.

Our collection has been carefully and thoughtfully curated. Every seaside view, city landscape, and jungle scene is designed using well-chosen colors that soothe the eyes while still providing details and nuances to marvel at. A rich canvas texture finish further enhances the look, providing a welcome change from the cheap, glossy finish murals available in the market.

In a nutshell: if you have a room that needs a strong focus, our murals are the gorgeous and reliable choice you’ve been looking for!

Practically designed landscape wall murals

Besides being visually appealing, our landscapes are a safe choice for your home with their PVC-free, non-toxic design. There are no toxic inks used in the print, and a latex coating keeps the design intact for years to come. A simple peel and stick design allows you to install and remove these murals yourself.

Why feel homebound when your walls can take you on a trip around the world? Shop for gorgeous wall murals now.