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We are a firm believer you should be surrounded by the people and things that you love and make you smile! In this collection, we feature designs that trigger an old passion. Passion for sport, for a country, for a hobby and specific symbols that catch your eyes, brightens your soul. The idea behind choosing a themed wallpaper and create a themed home office, themed living room, or any space you hold dear.

As design changes and evolves, so does your taste. Just remember when you were 18 how difference is from your 30’s preferences, your current one and future ones most likely will change as well. So do not torture yourself as you have to choose something that will be in your wall forever. In a few years from now or months really if you want and your preferences change you can change your wallcovering to your new favorite theme as our wallpaper is self-adhesive and removable, easy to apply as it is to remove without damaging your wall so do not feel afraid to shop it away!