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Teen peel and stick wallpapers — stylish and youthful designs!

Dynamic and on-trend spaces start by recreating the decor of the walls, and that's with Walls By Me! Welcome to our teen wallpaper collection, an exclusive range of high-quality wallpaper with designs that young people love.

Our wallpapers are all made of high-quality thick paper with no vinyl in its composition, ensuring. These stunning designs instantly elevate your teen's room decor without bringing toxins and airborne chemicals into your living space.

So if you're interested in that, read on and learn more about our options:

Find wallpaper designs to fit your teen's hobbies and personality

Decorating your living space can be immensely rewarding when you can show off your sense of style. That's why we've curated a beautiful selection of removable wallpaper where you can find the perfect design to suit your child's bedroom.

Whether you are planning to join your child in their home remodeling project or you want to surprise them with a wall treatment that matches their hobbies: Walls By Me is where you will find what you need!

Our collection of teen products includes Peel and Stick wallpapers in every style imaginable, giving a modern and super-dynamic style. Here we can offer you some great options with entirely different designs, from skeletons, gamer, and movie-themed wallpaper options to the cutest and sweetest. Just browse through our section and find options for all teenage groups. Enjoy!

The best wallpapers for the teens' bedroom

Adolescence is a period of constant transformation, reflecting on teenagers' tastes and personalities. To meet the demands of the youthful ones, we have a selection of stylish wallpapers in various colors, shapes, and prints.

Talk to your child, know a little more about their preferences, and respect their decision when selecting the wallpaper for their personal space. Get to know our main options:

Geometric patterns are atemporal so, if your child is not into any theme-specific wallpaper and if you are looking for an option you can leave it in a room from a pre-schooler to a high school that may be your best bet.

Check out our retro, calligraphy, vintages, and cute ones! Here, you will find wallpapers with printed garments, cupcakes, tropical, cactus, flamingos, galaxy themes and many more! We've also got character wallpapers loved by the teens, like Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse!

Couldn't find a theme with your child's style? You can customize your wallpapers with themes, colors, and characters you like.

Teen Wallpaper: eco-friendly and easy to install

If you have kids at home, you'll know how quickly their decorating preferences change. Teenagers, in particular, love to change their decor and style. At Walls By Me, we make frequent redecorating easy with our damage-free removable wallpaper.

By choosing a PVC-free product you minimize exposure to chemicals released by vinyl products and also contribute to a healthier planet. Not only that, but it is also Greenguard-certified material.

When you buy from us, you will receive decoration that minimizes potential exposure to airborne chemicals. We always work without PVC, lead, VOC, and nickel products. No hazard labels, odorless prints, plasticizers, phthalates, chlorine, halogens, or heavy metals.

How to install wallpapers?

You can install our products in your child's room in no time, even without a professional's help. It saves time, money, and your walls!

Our technique is self-explanatory: peel and stick! You can apply our wallpapers to almost any smooth surface to almost any flat smooth previously primed and painted surface. We recommend testing the adherence of the wall before installing it. Also, be aware of textures that may compromise the final result.

Is peel and stick wallpaper waterproof?

All our products arewashable wallcoverings as they are specially formulated to take a splash and yet last years to come. Although they are not waterproof, they can get wet! We recommend you clean it with a damp cloth and mild detergent, not letting the wallpaper stay moist for too long.

What are your thoughts about our teen wallpaper selection? We hope you've enjoyed it all. We've also got a unique section of wallpapers for the kid's bedroom! We'll be waiting for your purchase!