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Cheer up your walls with chinoiserie wallpaper

Charming, exotic, and relaxing, chinoiserie wallpapers are among the main trendy themes – when you have way too many boxes to check off your decor wish list, call upon chinoiserie peel and stick wallpapers! These delightful, vibrant and refined aesthetic styles bring a storied feel to your living space and walls, transforming them instantly.

Chinoiseries have a distinctive vintage charm, but that’s not all that defines them. These lovely floral and botanical designs are also inspired by classic Chinese motifs and embellishing techniques. At Walls By Me, we treat you to a fabulous range of floral removable wallpaper. Buy our printed high-quality peel and stick wallpapers, in our collections with fabulous finishings.

Though the origin of chinoiserie design lies in 18th century Europe, where these oriental elements found a great place in art and architecture to bloom. Over the centuries, the chinoiserie aesthetic has been perfected and enriched to the point it can complement any setting and walls. Look at all the details on Walls by Me!

Vintage chinoiserie removable wallpaper in modern homes

Classic chinoiserie prints have a unique charm that is full of good taste and elegant, yet still free-spirited. A luxurious chinoiserie peel and stick wallpaper will take your formal décor on a holiday, combing vibrant and welcoming themes. There is generous use of cool blue hues in these vintage designs, typically accompanied by washed out pinks and greens.

The most common imagery includes oriental flowers, vines, and birds, forming seamless, free-flowing compositions. Here at Walls By Me, we offer a range of vintage chinoiserie peel and stick wallpaper that captures the authentic charm of these exotic designs. Perfect for use as statement walls or as your default wall covering, you can’t go wrong with these fabulous designs.

Chinoiserie peel and stick wallpaper with a contemporary twist

The chinoiserie aesthetic has also been adapted to modern tastes in some of our removable wallpapers. By simplifying oriental motifs into minimal line drawings and opting for monochrome or two-color palettes, our contemporary chinoiserie wallpapers bring you the best of both worlds.

Shop for these exciting designs now, and order a sample to see how they can uplift your living space.