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The Hottest Hotel Style Wallpapers You Need to Bring Home

Kick back and relax in style without setting foot outside your home! Our hotel style wallpaper collection will let you craft a luxurious setting right where you are. These subtle yet exquisite designs open up many decor possibilities while also serving as failsafe options anytime you need a quick home makeover.

Hotel Wallpaper Styles That Explore Textural Richness

Whether you keep revisiting that lovely luxury vacay from five years ago, or love spending time browsing interior design magazines, this one-of-a-kind collection of hotel style wallpaper won’t let you down. This is where we’ve curated exquisite visual textures—photo realistic prints of weaves, burlap, wood, cement and stone that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Flaunting a durable latex coating and a rich matte finish, these wall coverings offer excellent value for money.

Introduce these hotel style wallpapers to your living room, dining room, or any other semi- formal space to infuse it with texture and subtle sophistication. These understated, refined designs don’t come in the way of any other forms, prints, or patterns you may be using in the setting. At the same time, they add an unmistakable charisma to the space. Your guests are bound to go home with decor goals!

Hotel Style Wallpaper: Great for Home Offices and Informal Spaces

This stunning collection of subtle patterns and textures is perfect for both formal and informal spaces. Use it in your home office to take your work-from-home game to the next level, or in your bedroom to wake up in the lap of luxury every morning. Craft boho-chic settings with these wallpapers as the backdrop, or just give your eyes a break from standard painted walls. Thanks to their quiet presence, these luxury hotel wallpapers can be paired with all kinds of accents and paraphernalia.

Start crafting the luxurious setting of your dreams with our hotel style wallpapers. It’ll be hard to pick a favorite, so order samples of everything you like when you shop Walls By Me!