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Shiplap wallpaper: easy to install

It started as an experimental wall treatment and soon became a style statement of its own. With its versatility, easy availability, and affordable price tag, Shiplap wallpaper has always been popular in home interiors. Over time, the look has won a fan following for the subtle, wholesome charm that has come to represent the farmhouse aesthetic.

Here at Walls By Me website, we make it easier than ever to flaunt chic shiplap walls in your home. Our extensive shiplap removable wallpaper collection includes realistic faux wood wallpapers that bring you the aesthetic quality of real shiplap walls and reduce installation hassles to zero!

What makes the shiplap removable wallpaper range unique?

It’s easy to get confused when shopping for removable wallpaper in shiplap designs. The low-end vinyl options may appear okay on your phone screen but turn out to be major eyesores once they’re up on your wall. At Walls By Me, we make sure you only have access to the best quality peel and stick wallpaper that actually emulates real shiplap walls.

Our shiplap removable wallpaper range sports a light yet durable fabric construction. In terms of finish, this ensures that the high-quality print on each faux shiplap design remains photorealistic. In terms of functionality, this keeps your home free from PVC and toxins and allows you to install and remove the wallpaper as often as you need without damaging your walls or paint.

No two rooms in your home serve the same purpose. Why should they be confined to the same standard wall treatments? Choose unique and gorgeous wallpaper for room types ranging from bedrooms and kitchens to nurseries and home offices. WallsByMe deals exclusively in PVC-free wallpapers that ensure a picture-perfect finish and damage-free walls.

Buy shiplap wallpaper in a variety of styles!

Our selection will make you think again if you thought shiplap was just about creating all-white farmhouse elegance. We offer many designs that help you develop themes ranging from country and boho chic to rustic and industrial.

Monochrome designs that replicate white painted shiplap walls, weathered wood compositions that bring in a rustic allure, nautical-themed shiplap wallpaper for a quirky sense of style, or warm woodsy wall coverings in soft brown tones — the choices are endless and varied. Cozy up to your living space now by shopping for removable wallpaper in a shiplap style of your choosing.

From dramatic flair to subtle sophistication, there’s a lot that you can create by using the right colors in your decor. Set the mood of your choice with our colorful peel and stick wallpaper. Featuring picture-perfect color pairings and a rich high-quality removable wallpaper, these PVC-free wall coverings are tailored for stylish modern homes.