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We all know at least a little about how children grow and learn during their first year, especially how they’re like little sponges, absorbing everything they can see and understand.

And thinking about this main characteristic of our little ones, we’ve prepared excellent nursery wallpaper options for you to decorate their place. So check out the best prints and colors for your kid here at Walls By Me and guarantee theirs!

Nursery wallpaper: stimulate your children while decorating

A few moments in life are unique as preparing your baby’s bedroom. Especially the first one! It is contagious and exciting but can also be overwhelming as there’re so many mixed feelings in this process, yet you have to accomplish so much before the baby is born.

We are here to give you a hand and help you create the baby room of your dreams without spending tons of money or time. On this page, we bring you the hottest designs of what is trendy in nursery wallpaper decors, such as animal style, and kept old fashion favorites like nautical and flora print. So keep reading and find out more about our goods:

Is wallpaper safe for nursery?

Historically wallpapers weren’t the most fantastic references to sustainability, quite the contrary. They’re always items that cause many toxins for humans because of the materials used in production and how they were applied. But, fortunately, nowadays there are several options available for you to buy, that’s healthy for both adults and babies, and can be used without fear.

All goods found at Walls By Me are superior-quality removable wallpaper free from PVC, lead, phthalates, and airborne chemicals, creating the possibility to make a non-toxic decor for your baby’s room.

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How do I choose a nursery wallpaper to buy?

Before you choose the nursery wallpaper for your baby’s room, you need to understand a little more about how babies see and how it changes their growth. In general, babies take a few months to develop their vision, so they can only see a few very close things.

Therefore, very light palettes with low color contrast have little effect. While contrasting color palettes (especially blue prints, red and yellow, the primary colors) help the little ones’ absorption of knowledge and help develop their attention and concentration from an early age. So, don’t hesitate to buy the most colorful and cheerful wallpapers for the baby’s room.

Check out our available options and find the perfect ones to match your home’s decor and what you’ve been looking for your child to make their place feel comfortable.

How was your experience with our content and products options? We’ll be waiting for your purchase to give you and your family the best wallpaper options of the entire decor industry. You can also check out our kids wallpaper options to know a little bit more about decorations focused on children and find all the best colors and patterns. So do not miss out on it!