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For those looking to transform and innovate their home decor, a great option is to purchase wallpapers. And to add a classic and elegant style to your room, we have selected a category with an incredible variety of wallpapers with the color brown. Don't miss the opportunity to get to know our products and take advantage of our free shipping!

Brown wallpaper peel and stick: easy to install

These brown wallpapers are the most versatile models on the market and can create various looks for different spaces. Moreover, all of them offer a cozy feeling, making it possible to modernize and make your rooms extremely sophisticated!

It is possible to use shades of white to make a cleaner environment. With these brown wallpapers, you can also create decor ranging from rustic to modern.

You can combine them with colorful shades of green, red, and blue. A great option for people looking for more botanical environments is adding foliage with these wallpapers, focusing on to important corners of the room.

Also check out our floral wallpaper category and add color and delicacy to your home!

What colors go with brown in decoration?

The colors that work best with brown are:

Quick tip: to the perfect match, check out your decorative objects and furniture. That way, you'll have more chance to creating a decor that is just right for you.

In which rooms can I use brown wallpaper?

As we said, brown wallpapers are super versatile and can be added in every house room. Although, they are great options for living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, recreation area, and many other environments, it is common to combine with these shades of brown furniture or pieces in raw and neutral tones.

But, these wallpapers are very common for bedrooms, as they make them even more comfortable. If you want to modernize and make your room more elegant, choose prints in lighter shades of brown, which are perfect to be combined with pieces in wood and bright colors such as green and blue!

And a tip to harmonize the environments that you add wallpapers is to combine them with shades of furniture, puff, rugs, curtains, bed cushions, and decorative objects. Choose colors that complement brown, such as orange, white, blue and turquoise, green, and neutral shades of pink to create a more eye-catching and cheerful look.

Can I install the removable wallpapers by myself?

Yes, the removable wallpapers are easy to apply and remove, and most of our customers can do the application process without the help of a professional. We recommend that you watch our video tutorial.

Our items are produced with a high standard of quality and technology to meet the needs of our customers and satisfy them! And since you've come this far, take a look at our selection of new releases and stay on top of everything that's new!