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Abstract Wall Mural: Peel And Stick Home Decor

There're many ways to decorate and give life to a room, it can be done by using furniture, painting, wallpapers, lights and many other things. If you're not a stickler for rules when it comes to decor, this is the best for you: our wall murals have a brand new way to complement your place's look!

So set your imagination free and channel your artistic vision through our abstract wall murals. Designed to catch the eye and transform a setting in a single move, these gorgeous peel and stick goods offer the instant looks you've been looking for in your place!

Abstract Wall Murals Can Be Surprisingly Versatile

Our website has a great variety of wall mural wallpapers. Each one of them has its particularity and style. Here you can find incredible abstract murals to decorate your place in the best way possible. Though murals are generally associated with prominent feature walls, their visual quality doesn't always have to be bold or dynamic, and sometimes it can be landscaping prints and more. We've brought here some of the options you can find:

Modern Abstract Wall Murals

The most modern abstract murals are usually bold, vivid, free-flowing compositions that infuse your space with energy and vibrance. And here, our peel and stick colorful wall murals convert an entire wall into a work of art and are, as such, perfect for spacious and stylish living rooms. Flaunt paint daubs, swirls, or bokeh effects through these colorful designs.

Neutral Abstract Murals

Some of our bestselling abstract murals feature quiet colors and gentle forms and simply add a layer of texture to a given space. Explore designs that range from barely-there marble in gray and white to zen sand gardens in soothing neutral tones. These prints usually provide a little bit of a nature mural design for those looking for a warm and quiet place to be in.

What is an abstract wall mural?

Our wall mural wallpaper is peel and stick DIY wall decor with abstract prints and designs. To fit a specific wall measure, you can buy it in three different sizes: large, medium, and trim. It can be easily applied, using no glue! And what is even better is that it's all free from PVC, Lead, VOC, Halogen, Heavy Metals, Nickel and has no hazard labels or odor. The fabulous abstract art you're displaying on your feature wall has a picture-perfect finish and a non-toxic presence.

Are our abstract murals removable?

Yes! Our wall mural wallpapers are just peel and stick into the wall. They're made of high-quality fabric with an adhesive backing that will never damage your walls or paint. Plus, they come in three sizes to help you decorate compact and spacious rooms without spending too much time and effort in measuring, cutting and installing the mural.

Our abstract wall murals will let you experiment to your heart's content if you love abstract art. Try a different design every season and turn your home artistic in a whole new way! You can also take a look at our nautical wall mural options.