Our Story

Fresh and Young

As a fresh and young U.S. company, locally owned and operated in Sarasota, Florida, Walls By Me was born in 2018 as a 100% online-based store. The mix of offering a practical and trendy solution for home decor and making it possible for people to do it themselves absolutely fascinated the founders. They wanted to make wall decor uncomplicated, and there was no better way to do it then offering peel and stick removable wallpaper. 



Our Brand

Walls By Me strives to offer an eclectic portfolio. The idea is to provide various prints, from traditional to quirky style, from bold to basic prints, from bright to light colors, comes from the belief that decor should reflect one’s personality.


"We wanted our customers to find at least one design they identify themselves with and use the wallpaper to make a statement about their style, their personality."


The fast-paced and continuously changing world forced all of us to look for quick and effective solutions that fit our dynamic life. And there it was... peel and stick, removable, damage-free wallpaper. We added top-notch printing technology using greenguard gold seal ink certified, high-quality PVC-free fabric material, and TA-DA! Here we are with a very easy solution: a removable wallpaper so easy to put in as it takes​ it off.


Meet the founders




Luiz and Kelly are natural-born entrepreneurs. They are extremely dedicated and passionate about providing outstanding products and services. Founder, Kelly explains, "We hope our product inspires people, and we want them to feel special- because they really are."  Luiz and Kelly can't emphasize enough the importance of the values and lessons learned from their parents at an early age, which they continue to carry with them every step of the way, now doing their best to pass that along to their not-so-little one anymore, Lucca.





1. Easy

Peel and stick wallpaper
No glue or paste
No headache hiring labor
No demage or residue when removed



2. Durable

High-quality polyester fabric
Superior printing quality and durability
Non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly
High-Quality Fabric Vs. Thin Glossy Vinyl Material


3. Fast


Locally produced, packaged, and shipped from the sunshine state, Florida.

4. Practical

A variety of the latest designs so you can update your home decor in no time!