Our company is specially made for those who want to create their dream place right now, no matter if they own or if they rent a house! Our removable wallpaper​ allows you to design your home in order to reflect your personality, a special moment in your life or simply a splash of color through your walls.

These moments are happening right now and everybody should be able to create their memories as they wish at the present moment. And here we are with a very easy solution for you: a removable wallpaper so easy to put in as it takes​ it off. You can uplift your place in a matter of minutes. So easy you can do it yourself. Just peel and stick!

That is exactly what WALLS BY ME wallpaper allows you to do. We offer self-adhesive wallpaper with the coolest designs to enhance the look of your home without damaging your walls. Our wallpaper is removable and repositionable; made of fabric, ​not vinyl and therefore PVC-free.
We make changing easier!