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Refresh and rejuvenate your home with peel and stick green and blue wallpaper

Turn your home into a calming oasis with our vast range of peel and stick wallpapers. Featuring exquisite designs in pale pastels, deep inky blues, and rich jewel greens, these wall coverings will cater to every decor need.

Blue channels the intrinsic tranquility of calm waters and clear skies, while green harnesses the vibrancy of flourishing foliage. Explore the wide range of moods and settings that can be crafted using the tints, shades and derivatives of blue and green. Our peel and stick green wallpapers and blue wallpapers present you with every option imaginable — so choose the one that’s right for you.

Discover fresh decor possibilities with blue and green wallpaper

Our wallpapers don’t just cater to fans of urban jungles. In addition to lush tropical scenery, we also offer subtle designs including classic damasks, Oriental tiles, and whimsical themes in lighter tints of green. Similarly, our blue range covers light, refreshing explorations for breezy urban apartments, cheerful baby blue designs for nurseries and kids’ rooms, bright paisleys that hark of the Far East, and sophisticated deep indigo and navy prints.

In addition to enriching your space with their individual charm, green and blue hues can mix to create gorgeous aquamarine colors. Teal, turquoise, and other blue-green tones can bring a lovely coastal vibe to your home.

From kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms to bathrooms, all spaces in your home can be brought to life through our peel and stick green and blue wallpapers. Shop now to give a fresh and calming feel to your urban abode.