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Black Dog Wall Art Canvas 2995

Size: 12"X16" / Unframed

Black Cat Wall Art Canvas 2195

Size: 12"X16" / Unframed

Stylish Cat and Dog Wallpaper for Walls

Why come home to a dull, style-starved space when you can enjoy a grand feline or canine welcome instead? Our cat and dog wallpapers cure boring walls in an instant, without risking your deposit or lowering your decor standards!

The Lesser-Known Advantages of Dog Wallpaper for Your Walls

When you hear of pet-themed peel and stick wallpaper, kids’ bedrooms or play areas are generally the first to come to mind. While it’s true that dog and cat wallpapers make excellent wall treatments for little ones’ rooms, they offer much more than that. Animal themed prints can also be sophisticated, elegant, and in tune with formal or classically decorated settings!

Our collection of cat and dog wallpapers can transform your walls into dynamic tributes to your furry friend. Apart from colorful, cutesy prints that bring nursery walls to life, we also offer designs that complement tastefully decorated living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, bedrooms, and circulation spaces that need livening up.

The right dog or cat wallpaper for your walls will keep your decor poised and playful at the same time. When you’re tired of resorting to the same floral or geometric designs to perk up your walls, these printss offer an excellent alternative. By choosing monochrome or muted color palettes and artistically rendered compositions, you can get the twin benefits of a quirky design and a stylish bearing.

Find Versatile and Whimsical Dog and Cat Wallpapers for Your Walls

Besides covering your walls with cute cat and dog faces, you can also explore the abstract aesthetic with our pet-themed designs. From delightful compositions of paw prints, to minimalist silhouettes, we offer quite a few choices. Some of our cat and dog wallpapers also gear your walls for a retro setting, giving them a stylish pastel flair that can then be enhanced via vintage furniture and quirky accents.

Our dog and cat wallpapers are your walls’ best friends. Check them out now and shop Walls By Me today!