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Expressing your personality over some decor items and wall prints may be difficult for some people. With that said, we prepared this section to help you to find the perfect wallpaper match to which room of yours, bringing up different styles, colors, and ideas for you to choose. Please keep reading to know more about us and our merch!

Wallpaper for room: stylish print for your home

No two rooms in your home serve the same purpose. So why should they be confined to the same standard wall treatments? Based on this idea, we offer unique and gorgeous wallpaper for room types ranging from bedrooms and kitchens to nurseries and home offices.

And the best part of it all is that here at Walls By Me. Our deals are exclusively PVC-free, ensuring a picture-perfect finish and damage-free walls! So for those who love health and eco decorations, this website is the best option for you to shop

Best elegant wallpaper for your living room!

Living rooms, foyers, and formal dining spaces tend to be semi-public areas that get a lot of visibility from your guests, right?! So, why not make a great impression by decorating these spaces with stylish wall coverings to match their decor themes?

Here we have a variety of floral, botanical, geometric, and textured wallpaper for any room. Our gorgeous collection is just what you need to make a sophisticated statement, featuring both classic designs and prints that are fresh off the runway. So, create an eye-catching feature wall or simply imbue your room with quiet but undeniable character. Our designs include bold prints, subtle patterns, and everything in between!

Cozy and pretty wallpaper options for an informal room

For your rented apartment to feel like a home of your own, every decor element must be in tune with your personal preferences. With an extensive range of wallpaper for the living room, bedroom, and more. We have ensured that the perfect design for your needs is always within your reach.

Experiment with our vibrant floral or botanical wallpapers to give your bedroom or study an extra bit of flair. Craft cozy Boho-chic spaces with the help of our textured wallpaper collection. Or go for something more structured and subtle from our basic and geometric range. Besides looking like a million bucks, our peel and stick wallpapers are exceptionally easy to install, remove and reposition.

So, what did you think about our wallpapers for house's room? Regardless of your preferred aesthetic or color pairings, enjoy unlimited freedom to try new looks, and shop by room for your home. We have a newly updated range of wallpaper new arrivals, shop now while stocks last!