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Explore enduring elegance with our vintage peel and stick wallpaper

One of the quickest routes to a room full of character is vintage decor. Time-tested prints, patterns, forms and color palettes can always be relied on to make elegance seem effortless. Our vintage peel and stick wallpaper collection is a repository of well-loved stylesfrom the past, each promising to transform your living space in its own unique way.

Curated classics: popular vintage wallpaper designs

The world of vintage decor is diverse in every sense of the term. You can time-travel back to styles that defined certain eras, or journey to different parts of the world to explore their distinctive heritage.

Vintage peel and stick wallpaper is one of the most effective ways to channel old world charm. As the most prominent part of a room, walls act as the perfect foundation for setting a classic theme. Our assorted vintage wallpaper designs will let you create ornate Baroque settings, stately Art Deco spaces, gorgeous floral elegance with a European flair, quaint Moroccan tiled walls, and exquisite Oriental themes in artistic rendering styles.

Our entire removable wallpaper collection is PVC-free and equipped with a beautiful matte finish. This adds a whole new level of poise to the vintage wallpaper designs you buy from us. Feel free to set them up amid the richest of furniture and accents; they will infuse your decor with classic charisma.

Combining contemporary elements with vintage peel and stick wallpaper

Opting for vintage peel and stick wallpaper doesn’t mean that you have to spring for classically styled furniture or start an antique collection. These gorgeous designs can also be paired with minimal modern setups or upbeat eclectic spaces to create rich compositions.

Experiment with classic damask feature walls for your contemporary living room, surreal chinoiseries for your bedroom, and old-school stripes and plaids to add a charming edge to your sleek kitchen or dining space. Find your favorite vintage peel and stick wallpaper in our newly updated collection.