Best Wallpapers: Eco-Conscious Non-Toxic Inks | Walls By Me
  • Quality materials: High quality paper latex embossed for durability and washability 
  • Safety: PVC –free and Non-toxic Inks.
  • Eco-conscious: Printed with Greenguard certified inks. We and you are doing our part to reduce environmental impact.
  • Texture: Thick, High-quality paper mimicking the traditional wallpaper, Luxurious look yet with the practicality of adhesive backing. Matte finish. You can see and feel the difference between our fabric wallpaper to the thin glossy vinyl wallpaper commonly found on the market.
  • Design: Amazing Patterns. Pick your favorite!
  • Easy installation: Yes! It is easy as peel and stick! How cool is that? It is easy to install and remove.


Here is what our clients are saying about us:

“The experience was great! Product highly recommended!”
Gabriela Dedolph, Mom and Entrepreneur - Texas

“I am so ridiculously pleased with every part of Walls By Me. The product is a higher quality than I even expected and the fact that it is eco-groovy and safe for the planet and people is even more spectacular.”
Annie Parker, Artist - California

“Amazing Quality and Price! Highly Recommended.
Great quality wallpaper!! I utilized this paper in our laundry room space and couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend! Big impact for this small space, I also love the texture!"
Kate, Realtor - New York

“You cannot smell the inks at all! It is nontoxic! Perfect for kids’ room and pediatrician’s office.”
Vivan Keler, Doctor Nurse Practitioner - Florida

“Got to love shiplap!!! It transformed my space!”

Lorena, Mom and Entrepreneur - Florida

“One of a kind! Love the material! Easy to apply as a sticker but it does not resemble the “compact paper look “like some I tried before. Besides, allowed me to choose from a variety of patterns I would not have an option if painting. Very happy with results!”
Leticia Bonnet, Architect - California

“Love it! Love it! Love it! I did not want to do an entire room, so I created an accent wall on my living room using a black and white pattern. It looks AMAZING! Thank you Walls By Me!!!”
Kimberly Espy, Mom and Uber Driver - Texas