PVC -Free - why this is important

While most of us are not able to banish PVC from our lives completely, we should as much as possible avoid PVC materials or anything containing phthalates.  According to the information posted on the toxic town, a website provided by the National Institute of Health and U.S Department of Health and Human Services some phthalates may affect human reproduction or development and others may cause cancer. We are surrounded by plastic everywhere, and you can get exposed by ingestions, skin contact, or breathing in the case of the wallpaper. Our material is not only PVC-free, but Lead-free and VOC-free as well both extremely harmful and released along the time if present in the material.  When we read all the studies related to PVC, LEAD, VOC and its possible effects on human health especially babies and kids as well as on the environment, we had no doubt we need to find an alternative material to ensure our family safety and our customer’s family safety.

Besides all the safety that comes with a PVC-free material, the cherry on top is the texture and look. You cannot beat the fabric look when comparing it to vinyl wallpaper.


Removable, Repositionable, Reusable - Why this is important

The best answer is to save you time and money. When removing will not damage your wall and therefore no need to paint. Also, if you make mistakes like sticking it wrong, you can peel and re-stick without damaging your wallcovering. It is very forgivable. Lastly, you can reuse if you want to take out of your living room and apply in your office.


Peel and Stick- Why this is important

“Time and money saver” are the substitute words for peel and stick. No need to hire a handyman, no water, glue, or paste need. No mess when applying and no damage when removing.  


Class 1 fire rating- Why this is important?

In another word, it is a test, which looks at the distance and time it takes for flames to spread across a surface. Class 1 is the most desirable rate to have as it is the slowest one to spread in case of a fire.  It isn’t fire resistant or non-combustible, but it can slow the fire down because it doesn’t burn as fast as the average wallpaper.


Nontoxic Inks- Why this is important

We use non-toxic inks. They produce no fumes and have no smell at all. There is no need for ventilation; they ate nontoxic and have no hazardous label. Atoxic inks was another primary concern we had thinking on our team who would be exposed long hours and families who would b exposed for years. We only used UV-gel certified inks and come with several national and international certifications. 


Greenguard Seal- Why is this important

This seal is one of many certifications that benefits us from using UV-GEL inks that are greenguard gold certified. Greenguard offers stricter certification criteria, considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.