Wallpaper Installation Guide

Important information BEFORE starting installation:

                          • Allow at least 30 days prior to installation for recently painted walls.
                          • Make sure surface is clean and even.
                          • Do not peel entire backing off at once.
                          • Apply wallpaper immediately after unrolling. If not, roll back until you are ready.


Necessary materials: A sharp, blade or cutting blade (such as a utility knife or box cutter),
a squeegee, and both, a damp and dry cloth.
Suggestion: Use a leveling ruler to ensure first panel is aligned.

    Quick Installation


    Use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Dry moisture with a dry cloth. Allow time for drying and make sure it is dry prior to starting the application.



    Place the wallpaper face-down on a flat surface. Pull the liner down about 6’’ and cut the liner. Start applying wallpaper from the top corner of the wall. Stick a little above of the top of the wall.

    Use a squeegee to smooth out the paper as you go. Remember to smooth from the center outwards. If wrinkles or bubbles appear simply peel back and reapply that section.



    Once you have applied the first 6’’ repeat the process until reaching the bottom of the wall.


    Repeat steps 2 to 5 with the remaining panels. This time be sure to match the design. You should expect up to ½ inch of overlapping.




    After applying wallpaper to all of the walls, trim excess wallpaper on the top and bottom of each wall using a sharp blade.


    Do not know what to do with your leftover wallpaper?
    Here are some suggestions of where to apply it:

                                  • Trays
                                      • Cabinets
                                        • Doors
                                        • Bookshelve

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