How to Apply Wallpaper Border

Wallpaper Border Installation

Please remember to check your material prior back peeling adhesive to ensure it is exactly what you expect or you can request exchange.

Please apply your wall border right after unrolling. If you decide not to apply, please roll back until you are ready to apply. This will ensure product’s quality.

Do not peel the adhesive all at once. This will compromise your installation process and results.

Prepare Your Surface

Use a damp cloth to wet and clean the surface.  After the entire surface has been cleansed, dry the moisture with a clean dry cloth, and allow your wall to completely dry.  Then, move on to the start of your wallpaper border application.

To ensure that your adhesive doesn’t get stripped or removed in the process, please verify that your wall has been previously primed prior to painting.  If you have recently painted your wall, please allow more than 30 days prior to wallpaper installation.

On painted walls, we recommend eggshell, semi-gloss or satin finishes for the best results.  It is important to follow our recommendations to ensure your walls or surfaces will not be damaged.  If you are unsure, it is strongly recommended that you order a sample first.

Many clients have successfully placed our wallpapers on textured walls, however, please be aware that our wallpaper borders are recommended for smooth walls and surfaces.

Applying Your Material

Don’t worry about getting the application right the first time.  Your newly acquired wallpaper border is completely removable and can be re-positioned.

Starting from corner of the wall, use a measuring tape to decide the height you want to apply your wallpaper border. Then create measurement dots using a pencil to mark the desired height to your wall.  Draw a straight line from one corner to another while connecting the dots.

Pull the liner about 6’’ and start applying the wallpaper border from corner of the wall using the hand-drawn lines as a point of reference for alignment and simply apply the exposed adhesive area to the desired area. Again, don’t worry; if you’ve made a mistake or wish to remove it and reapply it, go right ahead.  Our peel & stick wallpaper was specifically designed to reapplication.

Once you have finished with the initial 6’’, peel the liner another 6’’ and repeat the process until all the wallpaper border is applied.

Should you find any bubbles, you can use a squeegee for additional smoothness or simply peel and re-stick your wallpaper border.

Repeat the previous steps with the remaining wallpaper borders.  This time, be sure to match the design.  You should expect up to 1/2’’ of overlapping.


Using your sharp blade and ruler, trim the excess wallpaper border from the right or left of the wall. Be sure to use a sharp utility knife or cutting blades to ensure a proper cut, instead of tearing.

That’s it!  You’re done.  Now it’s time to relax and enjoy your piece of art.

If you prefer butt seams for your wallpaper borders, it’s recommend that you use a sharp blade and ruler to cut the overlapping portion.  Cut directly in the middle, from top to bottom, and peel the superior layer of the wallpaper.  Next, lift the edge of the wallpaper and remove the inferior layer that you’ve already cut, and butt seam them together.

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