Wall color guide: get to know the best shades!

Wall colors guide: how to pick the color for your walls Stripes and plaid wallpaper

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The color of your wall can drastically change the look of your space, this change can be positive and bring a comfortable feeling to your new look, or be negative if you don’t have the knowledge to match elements and combine colors. Before choosing between primary or secondary colors, you need to keep in mind that furniture and decorations are also part of that choice. However, how can you choose when you have so many options and possibilities?

Check out 5 infallible tips that will collaborate with the process of choosing the right color and how to match the chosen color with your personality. 

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The color circle

The chromatic circle – well known in fashion and design – is also applied in architecture and decoration. As your loyal ally, it will helps identify the best combination. In this part of the process you will remember that art class when you learned about the primary, secondary tertiary colors, and also what are the complementary colors (opposite in the circle); analog (tones that are side by side); among others. In numbers, the chromatic circle in its basic version consists of 12 colors:

  • Three primary (red, blue, yellow);
  • Three secondary (orange, green, purple);
  • The tertiarys (yellow green, blue green, blue purple, red purple, orange red, yellow orange).
There are some apps and websites can help you to better understand this division: Color Wheel, Poket Color Wheel e Colorjive.


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Study your space

Now that you have a glimpse about how the chromatic circle works, before choosing the definitive color for all walls , you must take into account the size of the area. If you have the intention to paint just one wall, pay attention in the tones of  your furniture and objects.

Light is everything

For an effectively positive result, it is important to check the environmental light, from natural lighting to artificial lighting. This is important because colors react with the light presence. Depending on the color of the lamp, you can have different effects from lighter to darker.


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Influence of colors

Besides the well-being feeling that colors can provide in your house, they also are responsible to  influence on the behavior of their residents. Furthermore, there are different effects when applied to walls, floors or ceilings. The black color, for example, when applied, offers a sobriety and an exquisite atmosphere. A bright green on the wall could be annoying. Remember; warm colors are usually stimulating, whereas cold colors have the power to relax. If you are passionate about warm colors in the room, use this palette in cushions or vases.

Red: powerful color that brings vitality and increase self-esteem. Tip: Match with different shades, so you do not overload the space, especially in the kitchen.

Orange: color that offers warmth and happiness to the spaces, besides stimulating the creativity and communication. Tip: use this color in the decoration elements.

Blue: this color means tranquility, harmony and Peace, it’s also related with the sense of security and to the rational side. Tip: the shades of blue are welcome in the wall colors of the main room and in the baby’s room.


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Yellow: this bright and young color transmits energy and stimulates concentration, communication and inspiration. Tip: perfect for dark places or room without window.

Green: color of nature, fertility and growth, great for renewing your energies. Tip: combined with other tones, such as brown or beige, you can have a discreet place.

Purple: this color is connected to the cycles of change, luxury, sobriety, and femininity. Tip: purple walls combined with gold color, transmits a rich harmony.

Gray: this color symbolizes balance and conflict resolution. Tip: In the intern areas it is worth mixing the gray with colored adorns. You will have, as result, a young tone to your decoration.

Black: The black color when used in detail means elegance and sophistication, as well as highlighting strong colors or combined with neutral colors. Tip: It is suitable for larger environments.

White: this color brings cleanness, clarity and amplitude. Tip: can be used to enhance the other colors of your decoration, bringing more life to your room.

Pink: the pink color is very feminine, is associated with romanticism and transmit a subtle environment. Tips: sober tones are neutral and can look good in any room.


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Harmony of colors

To reach a fabulous result in the harmony of colors, take into account the angle into the chromatic circle. The harmonization could be monochromatic, complementary, analogous, 60 °, 90 ° or 120 ° rule.

Monochrome: only one color. Colors that appears together in the chromatic circle. There are no contrasts because they all have one color in common.

Complementary: colors that are opposite each on the color wheel. When they are together, they offer a radiant and vibrant look.

Analogous: colors that appear together in sequence in the chromatic circle. There are no contrasts because they all have one color in common.

Harmony of 60 °: are the colors that form the figure of a triangle in the circle. Choose one color, skip three and choose the next.

Harmony of 90 °: are the colors that form the design of a square. Choose a color, skip the next two, and choose the next one until you complete the square.

Harmony of 120 °: one color of the disc is used, the next is skipped and the next one is picked up, until drawing the shape of a hexagon in the circle.


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Awesome! Now that you have increased your knowledge background in the colors lesson, it is time to put everything in practice and rebuild your house! The incredible news is that you can always follow our tips in our website and social medias to be on top of news. Keep following us, share our posts, and comment our articles. They are made to make you feel more confident in recreating your space with the best content and advices.

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