The wood wallpaper: learn how to create the natural effect!

Natural effect: the wood wallpaper

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cozy and sophisticated bedroom with aqua and purple rustic wood texture wallpaper
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Wood panels have the powerful ability to transform any space. However, how to do this with an effective cost and in a practical way? Well, currently, there are so many wallpaper options available in the market with wood effects and with endless possibilities of colors and styles. With the new technologies applied to the coatings, especially in the wallpaper, it is possible to find alternatives imitating materials and even creating a fantastic optical illusion.

Wallpapers are well  known for providing a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere to the environment. Furthermore, they offer so many benefits, especially in terms of the acoustic field – they are able to absorb the sound and the ones offered by Walls By Me are extremely pleasing to the touch as they are made of high-quality peel and stick wallpaper instead of vinyl. Aside from an incredible look they offer a pleasant feel.

Check out some tips to create in your home a sense of harmony with nature touches on your walls. Give wings to your imagination and allow yourself to create an exclusive place full of attitude recreating and bringing with audacity the beauty of the forests.


Removable Wallpaper is a practical way to decorate your house, especially because you are able to do it by yourself. You don’t need a professional assistance or any other especial skill to do it. It is easy as peel and stick.

Explore your creativity and play with different colors allowing you to put some textures if you like. Additionally, the maintenance is simple because they are easy to clean. It means that is a durable  product in the long run!

Types of effects

The effects can be the most varied: tree trunks cut in line, small wooden blocks, allusion to the door details, 3D, with optical illusion. As a consequence of this technology, the wood effect is extremely realistic, and they offer a calm and tranquil atmosphere. The wood wallpaper, for instance, is perfect to reproduce the rusticity and nobleness of the wood. Every country has its predilection. Swedes love their wood in white, the Belgians are more romantics and prefer the pastel colors, and Spanish prefer the wood in the colors of the sea.

This huge comeback of wallpaper tendency is understable, because they offer a longtime decoration, they are easy to install and remove , they are able to reflect your personal style, and they come in several different styles, options, tons and textures for you to choose from. Aside from that, when you are ready to change your décor you simply remove it and in a few minutes you are able to update your home with your new wallpaper.

modern living room with a splash of grey, green and brown color

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Hands on!

At this moment, you are probably an expert about wall covering and you are wondering  how you can go for the best choice. In fact, before choosing your wallpaper, take into account if your intention is to renovate your current furniture. If positive, you have endless color and designs to match your new wall covering with your new furniture. However, if you are planning to keep your present furniture, check out those tips and pick the right choice according to your room:

  • Scrapwood Wallpaper – this option offers a calm environment and could be use in a modern house, with a few adorns, avoiding the visual pollution. It is a great option to apply in your living room around a fireplace The wood-plank effect is very realist and turns your place much more charming and original.
  • Stikwood – this option is flexible and suitable for different places. If you have rustic furniture, you can go for stikwood wallpaper in the barrel oak color, for example. For modern and classic houses, you can go for something lighter, using the color white reclaimed wood. If you value artwork, pictures and portraits on the wall, the second option is better, because offers a gentle and delicate design.

    color white work area reclaimed with black wood texture wallpaper
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    • Chevron Wood wallpaper – this pattern is ideal for traditional and farmhouses. The wood-plank effect is also notable, however is it does standout even more because of the shapes.
    • Carbonized old planks wallpaper – this option is a great alternative to cover a whole wall and is suitable for rustic and contemporary places. If you go for this pattern, try to balance lighter furniture to build your composition.
    • White vintage wood wallpaper – this classic option is an alternative which is suitable for all  preferences. It is amazing in your bedroom and the vintage style can match with almost all kinds of furniture. This wall covering is a flexible alternative because you also can increase the layout of your room adding carpets and adorns, without having a weighty environment.

    pleasant atmosphere bedroom with brown wood texture wallpaper
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    Well, now that you acquire more knowledge about wood wallpaper, is time to analyze your space and hands on! The wall covering alternative is handy because do not require too much efforts as you can  lose your creativity and makeover your house with your own style.

    So, what can you do to create a pleasant atmosphere in your house? Definitely there are so many possibilities, and, by following us, you will be able to find the best alternatives to build, renovate, decor and enhance your place. Count on us to help you to create the most enjoyable and outstanding room for you and your family.