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Choosing a kids wallpaper is an important task in our to-do list if we intend to create a rich environment in their bedroom. Giving them a creative and developmental friendly space is to give them a space do learn, play and thrive.

With that in mind, we bring a huge selection of different wallpapers to improve your kids' bedroom and make it fun, colorful and playful. So choose the best design of children's wallpaper by the Walls By Me and make the decoration of your walls an experience for the whole family.

All sorts of wallpaper for every stage

Explore our website and find everything you might need for every stage of development! This means you can buy wallpapers to decorate you whole house and for every family member. Besides the children category, we also offer baby and teenager wallpaper options with wonderful prints and a lot of fun.

Kids Bedroom wallpaper: create comfort and safety for your child

Your baby is growing, and now they need some adaptations made in their space. This means to adapt and change some aspects of the decoration. This time can be a great bonding time for the members of the family and a special opportunity to let your child participate in the process of choosing their favorite design.

A child's bedroom is a space where they must feel safe and comfortable to be themselves and flourish. And here at the Wall By Me, we provide different design patterns, colors and ideas to give you a great amount of possibilities to create the best room ever!

Give your son or daughter the autonomy to choose among the possible choices and analyze with them what could be the best pick for the environment you want as a family. You can sort by style or color to make it easier or explore it together.

Children wallpapers: many type of styles

No matter what you like, we have all sorts of options at your disposition. Take your time and check all the amazing possibilities, such as:

  • Animals print: the perfect match for children who enjoy the company of pets and all nature creatures, what about the animal themed wallpapers? Bring pets and all kinds of animals inside with these cute options.
  • Science: for those who are planning to be a great scientist, this is the best way to remember them how much fun and exciting Science can be!
  • Fun and Color: If you absolutely love color and the joy they transmit, this is your lane! Find different patterns and mixtures and start your party.
  • Nature: green tones and beautiful designs are waiting for you in the forest section! Start your journey and add a piece of the outdoors inside.

Safe materials for your home

Wallpapers have been a source of worry between parents in the past because of the chemicals involved in their process of fabrication.

Nowadays, new technologies have been implemented to produce safe and non-toxic wallpapers and murals to enrich the surface of your walls without risking any kind of trouble regarding the health of your family members.

Here at Walls By Me you can find high-quality materials which are pthalates and PVC-free in all of our removable wallpapers to provide a safe environment wherever you want to apply them.

Don't miss out on all the available patterns and colors we have to offer your family. Start your renovations right now with safe and easy to apply wallpapers and bring more life into every room. And remember that all of our products are removable, so whenever you want to change start over, come and shop by room on our catalog.