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Stay on Trend With Stylish Stripes and Plaid Wallpaper

The simplest and most reliable of patterns, stripes and plaids can rescue any kind of decor. They may seem limiting at first glance, but in fact have the ability to enrich quiet classic settings, dynamic retro decor, or fun contemporary spaces. Here at Walls By Me, our striped and plaid peel and stick wallpapers are crowd favorites, and for good reason!

Structured, Stylish Stripes

Whether you’re a stickler for perfection in your decor, or like to stick to the basics of form, space and order, there’s plenty to achieve through striped and plaid wall coverings. Boring expanses of blank walls can come alive with the addition of a simple set of stripes. Stripes can also work wonders when you need the illusion of more (or less) space. Horizontal stripes can make a room appear wider, whereas vertical stripes can help bring focus to its ceiling height.

Picture-Perfect Plaid Wallpaper

When it comes to cozy, homey decor, nothing is quite as endearing as plaid wallpaper. The simplicity of the square hatch pattern, and the association with classic fabrics and weaves, given them a welcoming, informal vibe. This is not to say that plaids can’t be sophisticated. Our plaid peel and stick wallpaper collection flaunts several chic options that can easily hold their own in stylish dining or living rooms.

Playful Twists to Standard Stripes and Plaids

There’s a non-serious side to striped or plaid wallpaper that makes it immensely versatile. An extra shot of color, a variation in line thickness, or a quirky detour from straight lines can result in vibrant, dynamic compositions that energize any setting in an instant. Try some of these playful designs in your home office, kids’ bedroom, and even your kitchen and bathroom. While you’re at it, take a peek at our chevron range – a beautiful selection of removable wallpaper that brings a lovely woven quality to your favorite striped patterns.