Best kitchen wallpaper: 5 striking ideas to inspire!

Best kitchen wallpaper: 5 striking ideas to inspire!

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Best kitchen wallpaper: 5 striking ideas to inspire!

Best kitchen wallpaper ideas: how to make It look amazing!

Kitchen wallpapers are among the best ways to create a lovely and cozy ambient to cook our meals and, of course, gather friends and family to enjoy many special occasions. So, if you are looking for an easier way of making it look amazing, you can bet on using wallpaper!

We spend so many moments in the kitchen, from quick meals to important decision-making situations, it is certainly a central place at home, that deserves the cherish of wallpaper to make it even cozier.

If you chose to apply a new design to your wall, we recommend considering some advice before you pick the one to fit your goals. Keep with us to discover some kitchen wallpaper ideas and important information to make the best choice.

How to choose the best kitchen wallpaper?

When we are going to use wallpaper in the kitchen, we want it to be safe, washable and practical, so no splashing water would spoil it earlier than it should.

And if it’s going to be used nearby the stove, it’s good to remember that this area is a place that gets dirty quite quickly, since we use to fry a lot of things there. So, choose a latex-saturated paper for more durability and washability.

Another important point to considering is safety: make sure the material is printed with non-toxic inks, preferably greenguard certified, and has a class 1 fire rating.

The best wallpaper printings and patterns for your kitchen

What about bringing some unique style to your kitchen? You can count on several printings, from funny themes to textures that will add the pinch of sophistication your ambient was lacking to make you feel amazing while cooking and having a good time!

Food and animal-themed wallpapers

image of a kitchen decorated with food print wallpaper

The most traditional patterns are the ones with fruits, vegetables, and animals on it. You can use that pattern without making your kitchen look tacky or too old-school.

If it’s a colorful pattern full of elements, maybe you should try using it only in a small space on the wall, and if it’s quite discreet, you might be able to use it on an entire wall behind your table to give that space a nice touch of colors.

Another traditional idea is to transform a drab corner using lemon wallpaper, creating a combination with a vivid palette on cushions and backrests.

Tiles and wood

Tiles and wood

The tiles and wood wallpapers are really popular currently and can be used in the space between the sink and the cabinets on your wall. It’s an excellent way of adding something interesting to that small area usually hidden and forgotten. Make each square of your kitchen shine and add a broader sense of space to the ambient.

Geometric wallpapers

Geometric wallpapers

You can make any other printing work really well, you just got to know how to match geometric wallpaper with the rest of the space, like you would do if you were putting it on any other room in the house.

You can use them behind the shelves or on the wall closer to the dining table. Geometric patterns make your space look modern, it's just a matter of matching tones and shapes.

Lines built-ins can also be a great idea, offering a bigger impact. It can be used behind open shelving to improve the sense of space in the kitchen.

Farmhouse wallpaper

What about bringing the best of nature and bucolic life to your home with creative textures?

We are sure that it can improve a modern corner to this place in your house. In addition to this, try to put some classic blue or yellow cabinets, finishing with metallic lends and surprise yourself!

Now that you've got some new ideas on how to use kitchen wallpaper, what about taking a look at bedroom wallpaper options to make that place even more comfortable in your home? We hope our ideas can inspire you to improve your ambients!

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