Boho wall decor: 10 ideas to inspire you decorate your home

Boho wall decor: 10 ideas to inspire you decorate your home

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Boho wall decor: 10 ideas to inspire you decorate your home

The chic boho style has been gaining space as a trend in cozy decoration, which proposes a sensible mix of old and contemporary styles to obtain an airy, light, and pleasant environment.

Far beyond a mixture of elements, the boho style carries a whole concept, which can generate some doubt. Suggesting differentiated proposals, it distances itself from most of the decoration patterns we know, becoming the ideal alternative for those who want to transmit their personality through their décor!

If this dynamic decorating style interests you, read on to see ten ways to boho wall decor in your home!

What is boho decor?

Boho derives from the term "bohemian" and refers to a lifestyle marked by freedom and a strong relationship with the arts. Examples and personalities related to this concept are hippies, gypsies, and artists, who distance themselves from most traditional standards to express themselves with freedom.

Therefore, in the same way that the bohemian lifestyle refers to well-being, the central word for decorating in this contemporary style is freedom.

This concept often unites vintage, folk, and rustic styles through romantic furniture, handmade decorative items, DIY for the home, and ethnic prints! A stripped-down proposal, but one that doesn't leave elegance aside.

How do I decorate a boho wall?

A big part of the decoration that establishes a decorative style within a room is on the walls.

So if you plan to decorate a space in your home following the chic boho style but need to know how to fill the space on that empty wall, here are some elements you can use to enhance your decor!

1. Plants

The hippie style reference that inspires boho prioritizes lightness in the environment, aiming to convey a sense of peace and coziness.

Therefore, invest in your decoration with plant arrangements, succulents, winter gardens, and natural plants.

2. Wallpapers

There is nothing better to bring life to an empty wall than wallpapers, isn't there?

Very practical and affordable, they can completely transform an environment through their application, and the chic boho style would be no different.

For this, you can invest in themed wallpapers with plants or prints that replicate bricks and add texture to the environment.

room with a brick wallpaper

3. Books

Using objects with specific function in the decoration is a characteristic of the chic boho style. In this case, you can use the books that you have there in your house in favor of the decoration.

For this, find the best way to allocate them. For example, they can be organized in piles on the rack of your TV room or in vertical rows in cabinets, following a pattern by cover colors or themes you want to highlight.

books and plants in decoration

4. Cane Baskets

To put together a boho wall decor or to decorate a room in general in boho style, a golden tip is to invest in baskets and decorative objects produced by hand and with natural elements, such as wool, cane, rope, straw, and so on.

Invest in these materials when choosing furniture, and consider hanging items produced from these materials on the wall.

cane baskets in laundry room

5. Mirrors

When setting up your boho wall decor, remember to add mirrors!

Besides highlighting the magnifying and decorative function of mirrors in decorations in general, in the boho chic style, their presence is very striking, especially when the mirrors have alternative frames produced by hand with natural elements.

It is prevalent to find round mirrors with a macramé or straw finish around them.

a room with a round mirror

6. Tapestry

Tapestry products will undoubtedly make all the difference in your boho wall decor. These full-bodied elements produced in handcrafted fabrics are the face of boho chic style.

Full of personality, lightness, and manual work, you can find them made of cotton, wool, or macramé, displaying various textures and colors in a pattern.

a bedroom with a tapestry on the wall

7. Frames and Pictures

You can always use picture frames and photos for your wall decor, but they will fit even better in your boho wall decor composition.

Creating patterns with edges and pictures on the wall is characteristic of chic boho decor. Use this idea to transfer your personality on the walls!

frames and pictures in a room

8. Yarn Hanging

Hanging yarn refers to some decorative elements very present in boho decoration. Handmade, these decorative items bring a lot of lightness and help establish a cozy atmosphere.

The decorative objects with hanging strings can also have brands, braided finishes, and color mixtures and are found in different sizes.

yarn hanging in a living room

9. Wall Shelf

Ideal for organizing your objects and contributing to the decoration of environments, wall shelves are usually present in boho wall decorations.

You can even associate them with the other decoration tips above, organizing, for example, plants, cane baskets, and books on them.

Wall shelf with baskets

10. Boho Clocks

Last but not least, a practical and authentic decorative item that will contribute significantly to your boho wall decor are Boho Clocks.

Similar to mirrors that mix natural elements, you can also find the clocks with these details, or even images, prints, and colors that make this a wild card in boho decoration!

a room with a boho clock on the wall

Did you like the tips? We hope so! We have lovingly prepared all of them to help you decorate your home in the boho style without the need for significant investments.

If you are interested in decoration tips, keep an eye on our blog posts. We are constantly bringing news here! Complement today's reading by checking out our post with seven indie aesthetic room ideas!