Buy wallpaper online: tips on how to find the perfect one

Buy wallpaper online: tips on how to find the perfect one

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Buying the perfect wallpaper for your home is tricky, especially when you are doing it from your computer. So here are some recommendations on how to buy wallpaper online with no regrets.

As any other purchase on the internet, you need to be sure what you are looking for and that you are looking on the right online stores. What are right online stores? They are the ones that are safe and are going to give you exactly what you ordered. Once you choose your desired store, you need to know how to hunt for your wallpaper and this article we’ll help you with that.

Here are some helpful tips:

The first thing you need to do is to understand the room you are going to put your sticker in so you can decide which material is the best to use. Let’s have a look.

Humid places

If you are putting wallpaper on bathroom walls, kitchen walls or in your laundry room, basically spaces with a lot more humidity than others, you should choose vinyl wallpaper because it is designed to resist humidity. Unless you have some ventilation, or the wallpaper will not be constantly wet than you should be fine with fabric.

Dry rooms

There are vinyl and fabric removable wallpaper. While vinyl usually offers that glossy sticker look, fabric removable wallpaper offers the canvas look and feel.
Walls By Me offers a peel and stick fabric solution for your décor. How cool is that?

  • Here are some of the features:
  •  Quality materials: Made of fabric not vinyl. Do not Shrink or curl. Very Durable.
    Safety: PVC – free, LEAD – free and VOC – free. Non-toxic inks.
  •  Eco-conscious: printed with water-based inks: no hazard labels, no hard air pollutants, non-flammable, non-combustible, nickel free, odorless prints. We are doing our part to reduce environmental impact and so are you!
  • Texture: Nice finish! You can see and feel the difference from our fabric wallpaper to the vinyl wallpaper commonly found the market.
  • Design: Amazing Patterns. Pick your favorite!
  • Easy installation: It is removable. Yes! It is peel and stick fabric! How cool is that? It is easy to install and to remove. It does not damage your wall!



vintage look work table with blue striped wallpaper


Check this wallpaper here!

Can you hire someone to do the job?

This question is very important because if you cannot afford having someone to apply the wallpaper correctly on your wall, then choose a removable wallpaper because it comes with a sticker feature because it is easy ass peel and stick. . The only thing you need to worry about is if it’s straight. Having to apply glue, or wet in water can always be tricky and messy. If you make mistakes that type of wallpaper is not forgivable. Removable wallpaper is repositionable and you can peel and stick many times until you get it right.

How many walls are you covering?

Don’t forget to think about that before you buy the wallpaper. Do you want to cover all four walls or maybe just one of them? Think about what you want and where you’re going to put the wallpaper so that you order just enough of it and don’t end up wasting your money. At Walls By Me there is a footage calculator that does the math for you. Check it out!

Measure every wall more than once  

Measuring your wall might seem easy but sometimes you can get distracted and end up getting the wrong numbers. To be sure of how much wall paper you will use, measure your wall three times or even more just to be sure.

By doing so, you’ll know how many wallpaper rolls you’ll need for your wall. If you’re using it on more than one wall, don’t forget to measure all of them! It might sound obvious, but sometimes we look around and think that every wall has the same size but in reality, they are slightly different, and that difference might end up being a huge pain. Measure all of them just to be sure.

Although it might seem hard to find the perfect wallpaper online, you can find one quite easily. Mostly what you need to know is what you intend to do with it, measure the walls and find a reliable online store.

Be sure to check our online store, here you will find a variety and making your perfect choice will be easy. And don’t forget to keep following us to get a lot of great content on how to keep your house nothing but fabulous.

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Happy decorating!