Painting vs. Wallpapering: pros and cons and what is the right choice

Painting vs. Wallpapering: pros and cons and what is the right choice for your home

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Decorating your home can be very challenging. Choosing the right colors, fabrics and styles is not as easy as it seems . Especially when it comes to the walls. Is it better to just paint it with a neutral color or is it going to look nicer with a wallpaper full of  patterns that can make your room look unique? It’s a hard decision, right? Yes, we know that.

It’s important to know what is more affordable and what’s going to last longer on your wall. And we are here today to bring a list of pros and cons when choosing wallpaper or paint. Of course, you cannot forget about how’s your lifestyle, wheter you can keep something that is a bit more high maintenance or you need something simple and more accessible. Both of them needs to be taken care of, but depending on your lifestyle one might be easier than the other. You also need to be sure if you want to decorate it once and keep it for a really long time or if you prefer to change the décor every now and then. So here’s our list to help you to make a decision.


triangles and floating pineapples blue wallpaper
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When it comes to price, there is a lot to take into consideration. When you choose the painting, you should remember that you need to find someone who knows how to do the job properly and that will increase the price, especially if you want to do something different, like use texture.

On the other hand with the removable wallpaper option available in the market today there is no need to hire a professional. It is easy as peel and stick . It is easy to apply and remove leaving no residues, allowing you to change your décor as much as you would like. Walls By Me If offers a special wallpaper is made of fabric instead of vinyl offering a nice texture, so that you have the easiness of a sticker but the look and feel of a canvas.


brown vintage Parisian Travel wallpaper
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Both of them need to be really well taken care of. Good quality wallpaper as the ones made of fabric not vinyl may be more expensive than paint if you decided to paint yourself. But it hiring a painter or in the long run wallpaper cost makes up for it.


colorful teal animals baby wallpaper
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To change colors in a painted wall it may be a challenge specially if you chose a dark color, it might request a bit more work to replace it with a lighter one, you’ll need to sand the wall before you use the new one. Changing wallpapers is a bit easier if you use a removable wallpaper. When you put it on, you don’t need to use glue, you use the sticker that is on the back of the wallpaper, so when you want to replace it, you just need to pull it off, and nothing stays on your wall. It’s a lot easier to change it.


bed with Brown Wood Texture Fabric Wallpaper
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When it comes to decoration, the wallpaper gives personality to your home and make it look gorgeous, modern and unique. You can mix different colors and patterns that are going to last a really long time. It can also give more dimension, make the room look bigger or smaller, give that 3D effect and make it cozier. But if you are the kind of person that likes to change the décor every couple of years, you could choose removable wallpaper because of it facility and versatility.


brightly colored flowers wallpaper
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When you have kids you are not worried just about a nice décor. Safety plays an important role here. If you decided to go with paint make sure you choose non-toxic paint brand as well as if going with wallpaper you choose a PVC-free wallpaper, printed on non-toxic inks like the ones Walls by Me offers . The different patterns and wallpaper colors makes it easy and fun to find an option that will please moms and kids.

We hope that these pros and cons have helped you clear your mind and decide what’s best for your home.

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Happy decorating!