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  • How Textured Wallpaper Can Totally Change Your Decor

    Layouts and color palettes can give you start, but it’s the texture that ultimately shapes the ambiance of your room. The right textural treatments can significantly enhance the visual impact of a space by adding depth, creating interest, and keeping monotony at bay. You can introduce texture....

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  • Shiplap for home decor

    Innovations are popping up now and again in the world of interior décor. Some are reinventions of old school techniques, while others are meaningful improvisations. One style that has caught the eye of home design experts ...

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  • Interiors

    Thanks to a new eco-friendly wallpaper someone who has never applied wallpaper before can create an eye-catching room without the need to ever apply glue.

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  • Vintage wallpaper for walls: retro decor inspirations for your home

    The idea of “retro” can vary from time to time and nothing can match a classic well-planned vintage style. Décor can be very modern, but a vintage style never dies...

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