Vintage wallpaper for walls: retro decor inspirations for your home

Vintage wallpaper for walls: retro decor inspirations for your home

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The idea of “retro” can vary from time to time and nothing can match a classic well-planned vintage style. Décor can be very modern, but a vintage style never dies. Since vintage style is greatly valued, there is a market share for wall paper printed from the 30’s and 70’s.

One may say that extreme retro taste can have a disadvantage of lacking all the material technology thus making the appliance and maintenance way harder and work-demanding but let’s stick to the visual aspect of the vintage concept. Aside from that at Walls By Me you can take advantage of new technology wonders as all wallpapers are made of peel and stick fabric and printed with non-toxic inks. So, voilá’!

Vintage décor rely relies on artistic patterns, motifs and color styles. In the 40’s we see that the décor was soft, cold colors, with simple patterns. Floral patterns were common in this era and often used to complement the wood-based décor. The 50’s and 60’s brought somewhat more vibrant colors and pictures, specially especially for children. The style was less sober than before, with a more colorful tone.

The 70’s and 80’s introduced a way hotter array of colors, commonly used was deep-red wallpapers in some sections of the walls. Wallpaper borders in this era were also matching the color and esthetics.

There is more to just choosing an era to emulate in your décor, but It is important to focus on the sensation that you want to achieve with your vintage wallpaper. Think to yourself: “Do I want this room to have the vibe of a quieter time, like the 50’s, or a more exciting look like in the 80’s?” This will help give you have a starting point.

Now, of course there’s nothing wrong in recreating a 60’s kitchen in detail through the decoration, that’s why we have so much vintage décor available!
So, let’s get started by explaining the two major players in the vintage style.


Floral patterns

White Tropical Themed Fabric Removable Wallpaper

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Floral patterns were a staple décor design used in wallpapers from the 30’s through 50’s. Commonly used were Wallpapers with more natural motifs, like branches, flower arrangements, trees and such. Today, as a retro style, they are great to create a calm and joyful ambiance, offering a touch of nature for even the most urban and stern buildings.

Florals work well with almost all kinds of rooms; they are particularly great when combined with wood decorations and with real life plants. It is easy to have a garden vibe with just the right vintage wallpaper and some plant vases. For your bedroom, this style can create a soothing atmosphere to grant you a peaceful sleep.

Although not using vibrant color as a rule, vintage floral wallpaper can have a real impactful look. The contrast between the motifs and the background color is usually quite apparent. You can have a gripping look without the use of hot colors on your wallpaper.

Geometric patterns

chalk effect geometric wallpapers

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This was another staple of the golden era; in this vintage style the geometric wallpapers had a more serious tone that was equally charming. The combination of colors and geometric patterns were both beautiful and hypnotic and worked well for living rooms, offices, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

In comparison with floral, this style is more sophisticated than the floral and was called a “modern” alternative in the old times. Though considered somewhat clean compared to the florals, it creates the same gripping contrast offered by the floral.

Also, the geometric can give you an amazing result if properly planned according to your furniture. Actually, the combination of wallpaper and furniture is a must when it comes to vintage décor.



Chevron Fabric Removable Wallpaper


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If you match retro wallpaper with antiques’, the result is amazing. For example, a floral wall makes the perfect combination with antique wood carvings of flowers and branches.

Geometric patterns match well with old armoires with pattern carvings. Vintage home appliances (working or not) and small knick-knacks can give a nice touch of simpler times in your home not to mention even old family photos deserve a nice treatment of beautiful retro framings.

Using vintage wallpapers does not mean that your entire home must be vintage, the subtlety lies on giving each space the right amount of vintage detail. Your décor will lose nothing by conjugating the old and the modern. It is not necessary to trade your modern refrigerator for an old Frigidaire (that costs a fortune nowadays) or any of your household appliances, simply choose the wallpaper that you feel unites everything together and you will have a beautiful home.

The “retro” style still appeals to so many people, its charm goes beyond the mere anachronism that is- what was charming before can still be charming. It just has to be in the right place for it to shine.