How Textured Wallpaper Can Totally Change Your Decor

How Textured Wallpaper Can Totally Change Your Decor

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How Textured Wallpaper Can Totally Change Your Decor



Layouts and color palettes can give you start, but it’s the texture that ultimately shapes the ambiance of your room. The right textural treatments can significantly enhance the visual impact of a space by adding depth, creating interest, and keeping monotony at bay. You can introduce texture to your room through just about anything, from furniture and accents to paints and upholstery. But if you’re really looking to strike it big, textured wallpaper is your best bet.

Instant, fuss-free makeovers:

When it comes to adding character to a setting, nothing matches the convenience of textured wallpaper – especially the peel and stick kind. Allowing you to cover large stretches of the wall with any texture of your choice, it’s by far the quickest way to revamp and stylize your interiors.

Stuck in a boring, standard-edition rental? With the right textured wallpaper, you can transform it into a cozy log cabin, rustic industrial loft, chic urban studio, or any other setting that strikes your fancy. Need a feature wall in your living room and don’t have the budget or the time for actual stone cladding? Opt for some stone textured wallpaper instead; it’ll be way quicker to install and much easier on your pocket!

In our removable wallpaper collection, you’ll find a variety of beautiful textures ranging from wood and shiplap to brick and stone. To make your wallpapering experience even more hassle-free, we’ve crafted these peel and stick wallpapers in high-quality fabrics that allow your walls to breathe and don’t damage your paint when removed!


Orange Brick Texture Fabric Removable Wallpaper


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Does it have to be embossed?

To a lot of people, the idea of textured wallpaper immediately implies some sort of embossing. But here’s the thing – you don’t need surface indentations to create a textural element. Flat prints will do the job just fine.  In fact, our textured wallpaper collection only features visual textures, meaning there is no embossed print or texture you can feel to the touch and yet able to provide depth. You can use these peel and stick wallpapers to produce a wood-paneled look, emulate an exposed brick wall, or even create a shabby chic effect through a peeling plaster flat print!

Non-embossed wallpapers will also allow you to cover them with new wallpaper when you want to redecorate. Plus, they come with fewer risks as far as choosing the right visual texture is concerned. In other words, you don’t have to worry about whether the actual product is going to look like that image you fell in love with! 

Of course, this requires you to pick a high-quality wallpaper featuring a realistic flat print and a surface finish that doesn’t give it away. Our removable wallpaper collection checks both those boxes. Be it shiplap or Metal, brick or tile, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that our visual textures actually look like the materials they promise to emulate.


Beige Concrete Texture Fabric Removable Wallpaper


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What if my wall is textured too?

A common question we get from clients is whether our wallpaper will adhere to textured surfaces. And there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Peel and stick wallpapers are easiest to apply to walls that are smooth and non-textured. This is because a flat surface allows for maximum contact with the wallpaper’s adhesive backing. So basically when you have a textured wall the adhesive is only touching a part of the wall and therefore may not adhere 100%.

Having said that, our wallpapers are generally compatible with walls featuring some texture like orange peel. However, if you have a combination of eggshell and textured wall it can be hard for the wallpaper to stick on. It is always necessary to use your wallpaper smoother a few times to make sure it stays put. If you are not sure, we always recommend ordering a sample before placing your order. 

Shopping for a specific texture for your room? Browse our range of removable wallpapers that feature a wide range of gorgeous and realistic visual textures like wood, shiplap, brick, stone, and ceramic. Our textured wallpapers are all printed with non-toxic inks and will not damage your paint or wall when removed.