Get the look: pastel aesthetic room decor ideas

Get the look: pastel aesthetic room decor ideas

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Get the look: pastel aesthetic room decor ideas

Do you think pastels belong only in children’s bedrooms, or can make a statement only during your springtime refresh? For such a delightful family of colors, it’s a bit unfair how often pastels get stereotyped and under-utilized in home decor. If you give them a chance, these serene yet cheerful hues can work wonders in any setting.

The secret behind the unique charm of pastel colors lies in the quiet presence of white. These pale tints are prepared by mixing a certain proportion of white with the base color, resulting in a look that is light and soothing, yet replete with the energy of the original hue. Case in point - cool mints, baby blues, dusky pinks, and whimsical creams. To really amplify their visual quality, these colors are best used standalone, as the only highlight in an otherwise neutral space. However, in some cases, two or more pastel colors can also work well together.

Here are some styling ideas to introduce these lighthearted tones to your decor.

Decor ideas to ace the pastel aesthetic in any room

1. Voyage through nautical bliss

Voyage through nautical bliss

The more we explore nautical themed decor, the harder we seem to fall in love with it! Our current favorites within this theme include simple, small-scale prints of seafaring illustrations, in pale pastel tones on a plain white background. Finding the sweet spot between tidy geometry and artistic whimsy, these versatile designs are perfect not only for children’s bedrooms and play areas, but also for formal spaces like living rooms and home offices.

We love how these designs let you implement a nautical theme in all its breezy coastal serenity, without making you rely on deep blues or intense aquamarines.

2. Explore intricate floral designs

Explore intricate floral designs

Because of their light, airy presence, pastels offer excellent opportunities to flaunt elaborate, detailed prints and patterns without overpowering the setting with color. Many of our floral peel and stick wallpapers make use of this possibility via artistic combinations of pale pinks and lime or mint greens. The muted pastel tones in these wall coverings give them a painted look that is perfect as a backdrop for stylish monochrome furniture and accents.

These types of floral pastel compositions act as ideal feature walls in contemporary living rooms that are otherwise monochrome and minimal. They bring much needed warmth and energy to the setting, without making your color palette do a complete detour. If you’re trying out a pastel aesthetic for your room’s decor for the first time, these wallpapers are a safe bet.

3. Turn less into more


Sometimes, the best way to harness the unique energy of a pastel color is to place it strategically in all-white surroundings. If you’re looking to introduce pastels to your kitchen, for example, a white tiled wall or backsplash will serve as the ideal backdrop for cheery pastel serveware or cabinetry. This kind of pastel aesthetic is often seen in retro kitchen decor, but works perfectly well in contemporary rooms as well.

If you’ve just acquired a range of lime green, mint or millennial pink furniture or accents, and need a white background for them that isn’t boring, we recommend our textured wallpaper selection. In this, you’ll find photorealistic prints of white tiles or whitewashed brick walls that are just waiting to be complemented by lovely pastel accents!

4. Layer your pastels

Layer your pastels

“Layering” is an approach we love while working with pastels. Simply put, it means that you start with white or a neutral color, and gradually add elements with increasing color saturation. For instance, an off-white room can include a cream colored feature wall, and furniture or accents featuring increasing doses of pastel green or yellow. This allows you to retain a monochrome scheme, while also making the space appear rich and detailed.

5. The brighter side of pastels!

nursery room

When you choose a pastel aesthetic for your room’s decor, don’t limit yourself to pale blues, pinks or greens. Soft, muted yellows are becoming increasingly popular among contemporary homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. They work remarkably well with white, gray, and warm woodsy hues. They can also be paired with pastel blue or pink accents to create a happy-go-lucky vibe. Try a light yellow theme for your baby’s bedroom, or use it to add a fun twist to your living room decor.

How will you be embracing pastels this season? Once you’ve picked a color scheme and approach, explore our PVC-free wallpaper collection to pick the perfect wall covering. If you can’t decide on one, feel free to order samples of everything you like before finalizing your decor choice! Do you have any questions? Contact us through the official communication channel, we will be happy to help you.

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