Surprising ways to add more space to your bedroom

Surprising ways to add more space to your bedroom

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The bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. There you start and end your days. It needs to provide peace of mind and give you a real rest.

One thing that bothers many people is the lack of space. The bedroom sometimes has more than one function at a time. Nowdays more and more people are working from home and either for lack of space or personal preferences home offices have been incorporated into the bedroom.

But how can you accommodate all your necessities inside one your room without cluttering things around?

Here are 10 ways to optimize and add more space to your bedroom:

1) Have an accent wall              

An accent wall has the job of leading the eye to them, making the room look a little bigger since there’s only one focal point.

Be creative and make your own accent wall – it can be a nice headboard, some piece of art or a cool wallpaper.

2) Get rid of the mess

Being organized is 50% of the job when it comes to make a space look bigger. A tidy place is a place with a lot of empty room to work with, if you have no idea how to start the cleaning, here are some tips:

  • Take everything out of your drawers and make a little selection. If you haven’t worn the piece of clothing in the last six months, get rid of it.
  • Pick up dividers and organizers – they will help to keep everything in place even if you don’t pay much attention to it.
  • Store candles around the bedroom – and it will always smell like a recently cleaned place.
  • Make your bed! It sounds like a silly thing, but having your bed made encourages you to keep the rest of the place neat too.
  • Prefer light colors in stead of dark ones. This will make the room look cleaner and bigger

3)  Smart storage

Having furniture that has more than one job is a great solution for small spaces. Here are some things you could do to optimize the place:

  • Built it up: Make use of the vertical with tall modular shelving. The shelves can also be used to separate spaces.
  • Built it far: Make use of the horizontal with great modular shelving.
  • Use the space to incorporate personal objects to your wall
  • Have a chest bed – this is great to keep your house wear like sheets, towels and blankets.
  • Get a foldaway desk that will create more space when it’s not in use.

4) Add a shelf over the door

Remember – every little space counts. This is a great place to keep your blankets or your winter coats.

5) Hang on

Keep all your laundry away from the floor with a hanging humper, clearing a good share of space. Another great idea is to have hanging nightstands instead of the traditional ones. They look very modern and also give you some extra elbow room.

6) Instead of a headboard, have a shelf

A headboard is usually pretty, but it’s not very useful. If your space is insufficient, you can still have a complement to your bed, but making it an extra storage place like a shelf. You can use it to put books or personal things.

7) Use the corners

These small spaces may look useless, but the right idea can help a lot. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hang an industrial pipe to store clothes if your closet is already full. You can choose your favorite pieces to show off as a store.
  • Have floating book shelf to store all your collection.
  • Hang some wire baskets to put accessories and small objects.
  • Have a wall coat rack to keep things at hand but still somewhat organized.

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8) Add a nice wallpaper

Instead of curtains, use some adhesive window frosting for privacy. It will save a few inches that the curtain would take, and it will let more light in your room. To have a nice wallpaper will freshen up your room. Besides wallpaper allows you to choose any theme, texture or color that best matches your décor and style.

9) Have a bench

A bench can be convenient in a bedroom – you can sit down to put on your shoes or just think about what you are going to wear on that day.

Nevertheless, the bench or chest has a big place for more storage and it makes your bed look bigger if put on your feet.

10) Be sneaky

Having a planned furniture helps a lot when it comes to optimizing space – pullout shoe shelves, for example, are great because they keep all your shoes lined up and at hand, and it just goes back to the wall whenever is needed.

Hope you enjoy this post!

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