Wallpaper for minimalist decoration

Wallpaper for minimalist decoration

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Nowadays the minimalist design is widely absorbed by the most different fields, piece of art or design trends. A movement of the 20th century, some people believe that the minimalist design has been considered one of the most remarkable periods of the art.

Consequently, there are so many lessons that we can learn from this concept. Products are more useful, functionality is the motto of this design, and yes, – is possible to do a lot with less.

Therefore, applying what the history told us about the minimalist movement and adding some delighted elements to decor your house by choosing the right wallpaper, you will see the beauty and simplicity invading your house.

Check below some tips to pick the right wallpaper for you to apply in your house. Let the inspiration take care of you!

Be simple

Simplicity is one of the most important things to take into account before choosing the right wallpaper. The essential forms are relevant aspects to compose your environment and you can choose for vertical and horizontal lines, primary color (blue, red and yellow), rectangular forms and primary values (white, black and grey).


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The complements

No matter what color, shape or design you choose for your wallpaper, it is also significant to pick the suitable furniture and ornament to compose this scenario with harmony and naturalness. For example; go for modern materials such as plate of a glass or steel, prefer clean spaces with less information avoiding the visual pollution. Remember that less is more and the importance to value the open space.

Extra tips

A steel bookcase can be an element very useful, functional and it will collaborate with the minimalist spirit in your house. For example, adding some objects, books or ornaments on the shelves. Your bookcase can also serve as a room divider between your living room and bedroom. It will provoke an amplitude sensation and, at the same, the wallpaper chosen will be visible in any angle of your house.

The 3D effect

To decide which one is more suitable for your house, first take into account what is the predominant style that you want or which one your house already has. For example, if you have a modern aspect in your house, go for 3D white wallpaper.

Abstract design

If you pick this pattern you probably will be delighted, because there are some many options to please any house. For instance, take on geometric style with a grey tone. This subtle combination will let your room full of personality and attitude.


grey tone area with geometric style wallpaper
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Grey Stripes

Stripes are naturally charming, and they can provide a clean room. Go for neutral tones such as grey to compose your living room or your bedroom.

Grid Style

If the minimalist is already a movement full of plainness and delicacy, the wallpaper with geometric style also can speak the same language. For example ,the grid wallpaper in black and white is simple and outstanding at the same time.

Monochromatic wallpapers

If you are wondering in how let your walls be able to speak by themselves, chose this irresistible trend. Adding the combination of delicate stripes and the monochromatic style, you will have a strong result with simplicity and harmony together.

Concrete style

This wallpaper option can be seen as a striking presence full of personality. Why not adding a cracking concrete in your living room to express this statement? Especially if you have moderns furniture, the concrete against the modern, will grab everyone’s attention!


sophisticated dining area with concrete style wallpaper
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Brushstrokes wallpaper

Minimalist concept defends the idea that only essential elements are important to compose its layout. And the brushstrokes wallpaper is a real art of work because of its lightness and remarkable presence. The grey palette can be the best option to compose the brushstrokes style.


window area with two-toned beige colored flowers with metallic accents wallpaper

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Cheerful styles

To let your place happier, enjoyable and clutter-free, why not adopting options more colorful with substantial forms? If you pick one wall of your living room full of colored triangles wallpaper, for example, will definitely be an outstanding option to compose your living room visual. Additionally, you could go for the floral design in yellow to get more contrast with delicate furniture that you might have in your living room or pick a colorful pattern in vintage style. This one could be awesome if you already have vintage style in your place with rustic furniture and adorns.

There are so many paths that you can play to let your place as an a unique, stylish and pleasant space using the minimalist mindset. We know that the difficult part is to choose the most convenient option, however, you can count on us to research the last tendencies and present them to you. Keep following us and be updated in our news, tips and articles. There is always something wonderfully new to be found! Cheers.