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  • Wallpaper for boys' room: tips and inspirations!

    Decorating a kid’s bedroom is always tricky because you don’t know what they are going to like when they start to understand what’s around them, and as the kid grows up, you are going to change the décor quite often, so it needs to be easy to change... 

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  • Beyond The Wall: 5 Creative Uses Of Peel And Stick Wallpaper

    Looking for removable wallpaper ideas? There are many perks of using peel and stick wallpaper. And not all of them are limited to walls. Turns out, removable wallpaper is more than just a convenient wall treatment. In fact, it's an indispensable decor tool for renters, homeowners on a budget, and people who tend to move often. Check out these out-of-the-box ways of using removable wallpaper DIY to transform your home in ways you couldn’t have imagined!


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  • Floral Wallpaper: Is Just What Your Home Needs!

    Think floral wallpaper is past its prime? Far from it! Floral prints and patterns have been dressing up walls for centuries, and remain very much in vogue today. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if wall treatments had an ‘all-time greats’ list, floral wallpaper would get the top spot. It’s just unbeatable...

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  • Bedroom wallpaper ideas: how to make your room look awesome and cozy at the same time

    When you decorate your bedroom, you want it to be gorgeous and cozy so you can have a good night of sleep and choose the right wallpaper is essential to make that possible. That’s why we are here, to give you...

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  • Wallpaper ideas

    Thanks to a new eco-friendly wallpaper, someone who has never applied wallpaper before can create an eye-catching room without the need to ever apply glue...

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